Peter Dinklage’s delivery in Destiny is still awful

GameZone's Matt Liebl: "I enjoyed the Destiny beta. But if there’s one thing I have to nitpick about, it’s Peter Dinklage’s voiceover as Ghost."

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Snookies121965d ago

Yeah, I found it rather boring honestly... Felt like he just wasn't into it at all.

-Foxtrot1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

I know...they should of got someone else

My picks would of been Sam Rockwell or Richard Ayoade

Palitera1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

I doubt they or anyone would save the over the top uninspired text of the game.

IMO, it's ok as it is and there's no way it would be much better.

Phene1965d ago

Dude my mind instantly went to "Moon" with Sam Rockwell/Kevin Spacey when this whole Peter Dinklage thing started. Honestly, I love him in GOT but I think he was a terrible choice for a space robot companion. And the new...sounds? ..are terrible, I would've preferred a less emotional sounding ghost. I don't know how to describe it, but suffice to say, their could've been someone better.

ThinkThink1965d ago

You shouldn't blame dinklage. He's a great actor with proven range. Blame bungie, this is clearly what they asked him for and it's exactly what they wanted. It just turns out many disagree with what bungie was going for.

CloudRap1965d ago

The ghost is fine my question is, why do we have Captain Price from MW as the pvp announcer?

christian hour1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

Fallen? this cloose to the SUUUUURfaaace?!

Dat Delivery. Havent heard voice acting that un-enthused since the original Resident Evil.

However to dismiss every line coming from your ghost in the game as being god awful is a little bit OTT. There are a lot more lines where the delivery seems a lot more convincing and less one-takeish,

Hopefully a little post processing can fix the inconsistency of his performance, but with the game so close to release I don't see them being able to do much with it.

Either way it is no where near as bad for me as whoever's doing the Crucible VO, but despite all taht I had a blast with the Beta. Exploring with friends and dancing/bonding with strangers being the highlights.

Sayai jin1964d ago

I say they should get Samuel L. Jackson. Imagine it..."theres snake on the M&^%*!! plane. J/k

On topic, it was rather boring.

BlackWolf121964d ago

Anyone who blames Dinklage for the voice acting mustn't understand how voice acting is carried out.

It's not like they ask him to record lines, he does it and then sends it off to them. He did it under the direction and supervision of Bungie. Meaning the way he sounds is how they wanted him to sound.

I personally never noticed his voice, meaning it fit in fine for me.

Prime1571964d ago

Why is it that the little robot thing that is following you around is supposed to be more human?

I'm confused, as thought the ghost was seemingly calm and emotionless - mostly. Which is good for a little robot.

theDivision1964d ago

Morgan freeman. I agree with Palitera though it seemed as if the lines he was given were terrible. They should have allowed him to convey as much emotion as he wanted it seemed like they had him hold some back to be more AIish. They should have gone 100% AI or allowed as much emotion as peter could do. I blame more the people who let Dinklage act like that than Dinklages performance.

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ShutUpDonny1965d ago

I honestly think it's the writer's (and possibly the director's) fault. The lines are boring and lifeless. Put any actor in a booth with very little context, no real character, and insipid lines and he will sound awful.

JimmyDM901965d ago

They should have gotten Alan Tudyk from Firefly to do it. That guy does voice over all the time plus he's awesome.

ThinkThink1965d ago

It wouldn't have mattered who they got. If they got Alan Tudyk they just would have said "Ok Alan, that was great but can you deliver the line again only this time strip every ounce of emotion from it because that's what we want. Same end result, different voice actor.

JimmyDM901965d ago

@ThinkThink No emotion would have been an improvement over what Dinklage is doing. His boredom it what takes you out of the experience not that he's robotic. Some of the lines sound like he's reading them with utter condescension. Also Alan Tudyk nailed playing a robot in iRobot so he'd have had my full confidence.

Sharky2311965d ago

He's playing an emotionless ai!! How's he suppose to act?

Gozer1964d ago

He actually does show some emotion. I was under the impression that the Traveler recovered the souls of soldiers from the Golden Age, and imbued the Ghosts with their souls. He doesn't sound like a monotone robot to me. Imo the shallow writing is probably the thing people are really having trouble with.

Who can forget when your Ghost screams "Hes in the walls!!" in the second story mission? It certainly wasn't an unemotional robot line.

I had more issue with the announcer in the Crucible.

Christopher1964d ago

I don't think it's intended to be that great of a delivery. It's not like Ghosts are supposed to have that much emotion or breadth of delivery. They're AI...

SilentNegotiator1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )'s a robot. What did you expect?

assdan1964d ago

I honestly don't have a problem with is performance. Is it a little boring? Yeah, but it's a robot that helps you through situations. I don't think it's voice should feel very emotional.

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brbobcat1965d ago

I just don't understand how it can be so bad... like who over at Bungie heard the lines and thought "yup, this is perfect!"

_LarZen_1965d ago

I loved Peter Dinklage’s voiceover as the Ghost. So I don't know what the heck you are complaining over.

Rob_Ko1965d ago

yeah I have no idea what's the big deal for them, he sounds awesome. I don't want my Ghost to be some emotional teenage girl whou woul'd scream from fear/excitement.

Drekken1965d ago

It was bad int he alpha, but with the post processing effects in the beta it sounded a lot better.

SilentNegotiator1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

Any Destiny negativity seems to be getting lots of instant attention. Even something as stupid and inconsequential as the voice acting of a floating robot, which isn't supposed to have a lot of emotion or personality.

HammadTheBeast1964d ago

I'm notsure how else they expected a robot to sound like...

Although it does sound a bit weird in the part where you have to stall for the mesh to be taken off in the raid level.

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RiPPn1965d ago

I don't understand all the hub-bub about this. Then again I like the English dub on jrpg's so maybe I'm not the best person to ask. haha

DEATHxTHExKIDx1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

Bring back 343 guilty spark. seriously tho I was hoping Dinklage could do a better job than this.