The Last of Us Remastered PS4 review: just another masterpiece from Naughty Dog | Independent

Combining the original game and all the DLC (and selling it all at a price lower than some PS3 games) makes this the most attractive and definitive version of the The Last of Us.

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XiNarutoUzumaki3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

Joel be like ,'' Why Can't I hold all these 10s?

Good job ND. Can't wait to play the game tomorrow!

opoikl3342d ago

One could argue that "is this on metacritic?" takes about as much time as typing "TLOU remastered metacritic" in google search..

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BillmadeAGate3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

Uncharted Trilogy Remastered 10/10

+Elenas Bigger Boobs
+Updated Gunplay
+Scratch an Sniff Drake Poster

G20WLY3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

What does any of your made up crap have to do with The Last of Us: Remastered getting yet another perfect 10/10?

BillmadeAGate3342d ago

The simple fact that the gaming industry is being saturated by HD remakes "Remastered" titles..

G20WLY3341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

^Yeah, I get the point your making, but it has nothing to do with this review of a completely different game. Whatever, it's just you being 'off topic' again... -_-

TLOU is the most awarded game in history and was the best game of an entire generation; I think you could cut it some slack, since there are many gamers who didn't have a PS3 when it came out or were trying to save for PS4 and so decided not to buy it at the time.

Why don't we see how it sells? If it does well, you quit your incessant whining and accept that your view does not represent the consensus. If not (and I'm feeling pretty effing safe on this one!) I'll apologise to you publically. :)

funkybudda3342d ago

Any gaming review sites that gave this less than 9/10 is clearly biased.

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The Last of Us Part 1 – Why The Ending is Still so Impactful

The Last of Us never dreams of insulting its audience’s intelligence. And the best example of this is, of course, is its ending.

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shinoff2183279d ago

Shit the beginning was to. I'm not sure how I would feel if I didn't have kids but having them it broke my heart to see.

ClayRules2012279d ago

Yes. The beginning and ending…how they break you, make you think , question things etc. so impactful.

And yeah, I have a son (he’ll be going to college here next year) and just feeling Joel’s pain, heartbreak, loss…it hits you differently when you have a kid (s) of your own.

PhillyDillyDee279d ago

I didnt have kids when i played it and the beginning had me sobbing. That story left an impact on me

Orchard279d ago

The story was a rollercoaster from start to finish. Probably my 1st or 2nd most favorite game on PS3 (the other being MGS4).

Aloymetal279d ago

I agree with you. MGS4 was truly special, I wasn't the biggest fan of the long cutscenes but I understand is part of Kojima. Great game nonetheless.

Snookies12279d ago

Best Metal Gear game, coming from a HUGE fan of the series. I bought a PS3 JUST for MGS4. And got the collector's edition too. Worth every bit of money.

Yes, the cutscenes can be very lengthy. But a lot of it was quite necessary to really tie things together. Previous games had some longer cutscenes as well. It's just that they were trying to wrap everything up with MGS4. So, it's understandable that they'd have to throw some info dumps into the game here and there.

Orchard279d ago

The cutscenes are long indeed, every Kojima game sets a new record there :P

But the game was awesome, the second they showed that first E3 demo, it was clear it was going to be something special.

I still remember being mind blown by the Octocamo. It was also the first third person shooter game where I felt like the controls and aiming etc all went smooth / fluid and weren't janky. Hard to explain in words, but it felt 'natural' to aim, move etc in it.

gangsta_red279d ago

I thought the game went on a little too long and it started to wear thin. It should have stopped at Winter. That would have been a great way to end that game with the sequel continuing from there (if necessary).

-Foxtrot279d ago

I loved it however the ambiguous ending was kind of ruined in the sequel

The first game had this conflicting grey area of Joel's actions, a decision to let you think it over and discuss it with people, however the sequel created a narrative that "OMG JOEL 100% DOOMED HUMANITY...HOW SELFISH" and making out Ellie wanted to die in the hospital even though 1) She didn't know she was going to die and 2) She was ready to see Joel once she got out of surgery so he could teach her how to play Guitar.

For me he did the right thing, I mean they pretty much attacked him when he was trying to save Ellie, they lied to him and said they were going to kill her without thinking any other decision out or asking Ellie herself and they pretty much were going to throw him out onto the street without any of his weapons/gear where he could have probably died. There was no guarantee a cure could be made with these guys, it was all "chance".

Crows90279d ago

Exactly. He made the first good decision and this time around the girl he took care of didn't die while escaping...which alluded to the beginning of the game. He was prepared this time.

-Foxtrot279d ago

Like I just don't know why the Fireflies (and now Jerry in Part II) didn't think about any other tests, it was literally "Yeah this bitch has gotta die". You're telling me they couldn't wait for more blood tests, think of new ways to approach it? The worlds been gone for decades, it's not going to collapse even more by waiting, the damage is done.

If they woke Ellie up and asked her but Joel also told her what they did and were going to do to him I don't think she'd really want to sacrifice her life for these guys compared how she suddenly reacts in the sequel.

Even the hospital setting in the original game was run down, dirty and literally the best they could do, that alone didn't inspire confidence they had the tools to distribute a cure let along make one. I know the sequel and remake kind of retcon it where it looked cleaner, brighter and newer but again I'm going off the original, the first time I played it. The Fireflies at the end of the day were not good people, they were still terrorists with their own ambitious goals in mind, I don't think they would have been fair handing out the cure if they did get it made

TricksterArrow279d ago (Edited 279d ago )

It's a work of fiction, and more than once Bruce and Neil stated that the cure was a given, it was a sure thing and they regret not making it more clearly. If the cure wasn't a thing, the ending wouldn't ne nearly as impactful as is.

Crows90279d ago

Except tlou2 states that it isnt a given. The ending is still impactful.

Inverno279d ago

Think the reason why she was going to die was because the guy was a vet, not a doctor

-Foxtrot279d ago

Yet suddenly was the only person who could create a cure

"We deffo need to kill her"


"Trust me....I'm a vet"

TricksterArrow278d ago (Edited 278d ago )

Jerry was a doctor. A lead doctor. His bio makes it clear that he attended Northern Utah Medical University. He just happened to like animals. I wonder if people really pay attention to the games they play anymore (if they played, it’s a toss with TLOU2’s critics)…

Imalwaysright278d ago


You should play the PS3 version. Once you do, you'll realize that the ending was retconned because Jerry wasn't the surgeon that was going to kill Ellie.