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Abash1958d ago

I almost bought Crimson Dragon a few times when it has been on sale, really glad I didn't now

christocolus1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

Same here. Some of my friends&i are big fans of the series&we really enjoyed panzer was one of the best games on the og xbox,we were eventually going to get crimson dragoon. its like MS read our minds. Lol

GamingSinceThe80s1958d ago

Me too glad I waited!I have rely wanted to try it since day one.Live is starting to pay for its self just like PS Plus!With so many free games between the two its getting hard to justify buying new games.

ZodTheRipper1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

Am I glad that games need at least a metacritic of 70 before coming to PS+... isn't Crimson Dragon pretty much the worst XB1 game right now? Funny how people are pretending to care about it now when the same people didn't even use it in their console crusade before ;)
Instead of looking forward to THIS I'd rather complain at MS about a pretty weak lineup this month.

dirkdady1958d ago

@zod yea crimson dragon sits at 56 on metacritic :( really disappointed with the game after finding out same director who worked on Panzar was on it.

I think we can all blame kinect for keepin this in development hell.

Pogmathoin1958d ago

Exactly Zod, like when PS+ first offerings where ancient games and whatnot.... Babies cried and Sony improved......

ma1asiah1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

@ ZodTheRipper

I have played the death out of Crimson Dragon and I can gladly say that people should really not lisiten to the reviews but try the game out for themselves especially now that it is free to XBL Gold subscribers.

Biggest complaints

Graphics - looks like an Xbox360 game

* Yes it sort of does if that game was the likes of a Triple A release like Lost Planet 2 etc and even then I would say it still looks better, remember this game is a digital arcade onrails shooter, a spiritual successor to Panzer Dragoon. You would be hard pressed to find any arcade title on the Xbox 360 that looks this good. That is not even taking into account the amount of particle effects etc on screen really is something to behold, once again for a fully rendered 3D arcade title.

Controls - they feel funky and at times frustrating as hell to use

* This is instant proof that some people don't know how to play an onrail shooter, your dragon flys itself except in the free flight sections which then at times yes it does have a steep learning curve but once mastered the game takes on a whole new feel. Word of advice don't fight the controls or the camera but take the time to learn what it wants you to do when it feels you can't turn the way you instinctly want to.

Story - It is straight up rubbish and makes very little sence,

It's presentation isn't the best remember this is not Panzer Dragoon Orta or Panzer Dragoon Saga. But if you look past this and pay attention not forgetting make it all the way through to the end, then WOW the ending is one you won't see coming.

Microtransactions - It works on a pay to win system where you are forced to buy upgrades etc with real world currency

* This is a complete WTF, not to mention completely false. I have played the game through to completion and have never had to spend a single cent more then the purchase price.


The game has a daily reward system so everyday you play it then the game will reward you with something.

You can hire other players dragons as your wingman in turn the original player earns extra credits to spend on in game stuff

The game is totally addictive and not once did I ever get bored, not even when repeating stages to complete challenges or to beat scores on the leaderboard.

The game wants you to experiment, every Dragon handles differently and are better suited to different stages, the same can be said of your ever expanding arsenal.

Despite a lot of hate at launch, I personally place this game up there with Max and the Curse of Brotherhood, Child of Light, PLants vs Zombies Garden Warfare and Killer Instinct.

Yes it has flaws and is far from perfect but is it the worst arcade game on XB1 - far from it though at the end of the day that is just my own personal opinion.

VealParmHero1958d ago

@zod, no one is pretending anything. the game isn't amazing, but it still interests many people. i myself have been on the fence because the reviews, but it still looks like fun...that's why it makes a good FREE game. god...some people.

TheSaint1957d ago

Yep, I'm buying less that on sale these days as it may well be a GwG.

Wasn't Dishonored on sale recently too?

coolbeans1957d ago


"Am I glad that games need at least a metacritic of 70 before coming to PS+... "

Malicious and LOTR: War in the North (of the two I remember) being featured show that supposed "rule" by Sony's been ignored sometimes.

mcarsehat1957d ago Show
gfk3421957d ago

Wait a second, there is no policy regarding the metacritic score of the GWG? I looked on Metaritic and Crimson Dragon has a 56 score, while Strike Suit Zero has a 67 score. This is ridiculous! I, as a consumer, what expectation should I have considering that their is no minimum score? At least Sony has a 70 score limit for the PS+ games. Oh, well, this is Microsoft and I should not be surprised anymore.

admiralvic1957d ago

@ gfk342 and ZodTheRipper

I think you're misunderstanding the Metacrtic "rule." For one thing, I've only seen SCEE mention Metacritic and it's my understanding that it's simply something that their marketing department came up with. With that being said, the rule isn't actually a rule per se, but an explanation of what the term "great" means. This has been reenforced by SCEA / SCEE offering several games in the 70< range and it not being heavily touted by the company.

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truefan11958d ago

Great Month of GWG, I'm really looking forward to finally playing Crimson Dragon.

n4rc1958d ago

Never gave much thought to either..

But that's the beauty of gwg or PS+.. Because I will now play these games and may find a gem that I may have missed otherwise

Volkama1958d ago

It isn't very good. On the plus side, now that it is "free" we can pretend that the mass micro-transaction rubbish is justified! Yey!

Not a bad offering for the month though, and good news that they are not keeping one game in rotation as a standard thing.

Why o why1958d ago

True narc

There were quite a few games that I didn't really have the desire to buy or play. . With these perks you just get to game more. . Soon you guys will be complaining about back logs . . It's a great thing. . Enjoy

FanboyKilla1958d ago

@zod lol y u mad bra? One mans trash is another mans treasure. Like my ps4 is trash, but you guys seem to like rolling around in it. Its free . What do i have to loose? Just because of other men reviews i wont like it. Nice try hater. Thanks xbox. I appreciate it. Now sony one up them, and maybe ill have a reason to turn on my ps4.

I wanted to play both of the xones games for your info. Paying for them is a diiferent matter. Lol i think they feeling the squeeze now. Happy hollidays.

Prime1571957d ago

I am too, but on a side note, truefan, don't you only play AAA games? Thought you'd be disappointed.

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brbobcat1958d ago

I think I'm most excited for Dishonored

bloop1958d ago

One of a few games I really wanted to play but never got around to. My only problem now is hard drive space. I still only have the 20gb I got with my 360 way back in 2006!!! Really don't want to delete Super SF IV!!

xx4xx1958d ago


Dealing with same issue. Just gonna have to erase, download, etc.... just so you have it. Since you only have to download to own.

Also assuming you also maxed out your additional USB storage. If not, pick up a 16gb drive for like $15.

AngelicIceDiamond1958d ago

August will be a great month.

BX811958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

Wtf? This is lame. I was hoping for some better games on the xb1.

CJDUNCAN1958d ago

I'm with you on that. But due to the lack of games this generation I don't see either MS or Sony giving away a triple A title for free. So they keep giving away these lower tier games. Something is better than nothing I guess, but it's becoming laughable at least this generation. Oh and dishonored is dirt cheap for them to still have it priced at 19.99 is crazy.

BX811958d ago

I agree. I think the reason for this is lack of games on the xb1 for ms to give them away. I'm only saying that because this gen just started so that's why there is going to be a small pool. I was expecting more arcade games from the 360 to make it over to the XB1

MSBAUSTX1958d ago

@ZodTheRipper Actually the worst rated game for XB1 right now I believe is the new Thief game. It might be multi plat though not sure. LOL

greenlantern28141958d ago

It is multiplatform; and it is terrible.

AceBlazer131958d ago

It's actually that crappy ass fighting game fighter within or whatever. Exclusive to XB1

Darkstares1958d ago

Thanks to Sony's Plus service they have Microsoft trying harder. Not bad.

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xx4xx1958d ago

Not bad for either. (X1 or 360)

I've heard good things about Dishonored.

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Rock-Lee1958d ago

I think it feels better than 2.1 or 2.1.1 :)

Dewitt1958d ago

Solid lineup for this month, can't wait to try both XB1 titles.

lelo1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

Well.... it's about time someone "offers" AA games with their online service for the new consoles. Let's see if Sony follows.

Just a few question to X1 owners. I don't have a X1 (releases in September), but if I pay for XBLA Gold now, am I entitled to accumulate games on my account so that when I purchase my X1, have a few games? Is it necessary to activate the games (offered with XBLA Gold) on the console? Are those games valid for a European XBLA Gold account?

EDIT: Thanks RyanDJ ;)

RyanDJ1958d ago

I don't have an X1 and will probably get a PS4 before that, but I have Gold on my 360. You go to, and you can click the "purchase now" button. In fact, I've been so busy my 360 hasn't been on for a month and a half, but I "buy" the games online and they pop up when I turn on my system.

xDHAV0K24x1958d ago

if u have a msft account, u can go to and put them in ur queue

Samsara821958d ago

Yes you can queue them up on and the moment you connect your new console, you will get all the queued games...I hope you have no internet download limit :P

Why o why1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

If that's not an antagonistic opening I don't know what is. . . Jeese, be happy and enjoy the offerings. There will be months down the line when the other offers better and more. Sooner or later this gen will mirror last gen in terms of the 'a' quality. There just isn't that much out to choose from yet. Let's not flip this into another needless 'who Rogers bigger' contest because I would have to ask where this desire to bring quality was when there wasn't anything offered at all. . Like so demanding all of a sudden. . Lol

CJDUNCAN1958d ago

Also be warned, with GWG on X1, you need XBOX LIVE GOLD to be able to play the games you get. They will not work without gold. I don't know why MS followed Sony's direction on that but hey it is what it is now.

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ThatOneRiggaNob1958d ago

I don't really care too much about this lineup for August but free games are free games and I'll give them a try! Maybe I'll end up liking them. I already played Dishonored and that was a pretty fun game.