Why Destiny Still Has a Lot to Prove to Me

Push Square: "I hate being the jaded gamer. Ever since Push Square’s inception, it’s always been my mandate to celebrate the industry from a perspective of positivity rather than cynicism. That negativity seeps into every facet of the medium these days; whether it's obsessing over resolutions and framerates or complete overreactions over the minutest details on message boards, I’ve always wanted to steer clear of that darker side that needlessly inhibits an otherwise entertaining pastime. This is a critical site, though, and despite approaching the recent Destiny beta with my pearly whites on display, I’ve found it difficult to indulge in the hype to quite the same degree as some of my colleagues. These are the reasons why."

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jackdaniels1961d ago

Although I have not played the Beta, the videos just make it look like a MMO Shooter - still interest in playing it, will have to see what the cost is (montly sub etc)

MysticStrummer1961d ago

There is no monthly sub, but there will undoubtedly be DLC to buy later.

Grave1961d ago

Expansion I & II are already announced.

gamer78041961d ago

exactly, in order to stay competitive and enjoy you'll need the continuous stream of dlc. Not that its a bad thing, but something people need to know up front before getting into.

DanteVFenris6661961d ago

An mmo shooter would be awsome, but this isn't even close. Here's the rpg mechanics in a nut shell.

"Oh I levelled up, let's see what I can do with my skill point." There's only 1 option to use it on. "Okay maybe next level". Still only one choice. I played until level 6. Why not just unlock abilities at certain levels? It just shows it how bad of an rpg it is. Rpg need choice in borderlands when I got a skill point I had to decide what was the best.

Also 3 player coop is pathetic. That's no mmo.

Let's not even talk about the zones. As linear as halo(open but still going in a singlur path.

It's their first rpg but it's crap rpg wise.

JeffGUNZ1961d ago

I enjoyed the tower. It was a good place to go between missions or what not to check your upgrades and loot without having to hide in explore mode. It reminded me of Mass Effect with the Citadel. I do like how you can get into orbit quickly instead of having to go back to a ship like ME.

This is also a beta, not a demo, so I don't think we are meant to get into details about the plot. I hope it has a lot of depth, but truth be told, the leveling and exploration is what I'm hooked on. I really hope a few of my buddies get this so we can explore together.

DanteVFenris6661961d ago

But the exploration was terrible, no reason to explore. And all missions had you going in the most linear straight paths. So missions are linear and the map is beautiful however not as open as most open world games. Mountains and such force the map to separate into paths rather then being open

JeffGUNZ1961d ago

I wouldn't say it was terrible. I think when we have the full game it will have more loot and areas to explore. This was a beta so I didn't expect old russia to be the same as the final game. I expect more side quests/missions and what not. I dont see like 5-6 missions per planet, seems way too short.

n4rc1961d ago

I was expecting more..

Ill probably still get it.. And its not really their fault for our expectations.

I was hoping for a full on solar system, actually fly between worlds and maybe even add some space battles.. But that's my fault for expecting that.

Now I wish for more varied weapons and objectives etc.. But thats likely to be resolved in the final game