The Last of Us: Ashley Johnson says she would play Ellie in a sequel

One of gaming's most recognised voices, Ashley Johnson, says she is eager to work on another videogame – but whether she will reprise the much-acclaimed role of Ellie is still very much up in the air.

Johnson voiced Ellie in the 2013 blockbuster game The Last of Us which is being released as a graphically remastered version this week for the PlayStation 4.

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GeofferyPeterson3354d ago (Edited 3354d ago )

I heard they were going to hire a man with a high pitched voice to play Ellie in TLOU2.
Sorry Ash.

GribbleGrunger3354d ago

I wonder what Ellie would do if they told here she never had a part in the next game?


Abash3354d ago

Why wouldnt she want to play Ellie in The Last of Us 2? She seems really passionate about voicing the character with the performance she gave in the game.

Now if she said "I'd only do TLoU 2 if I get to voice Joel this time", that would be worth writing an article about haha

Kaimu3354d ago

I think a The last of us sequel with a mature Ellie would be awesome

bub163354d ago

After the success last of us has had, id be worried if she said no. Its not like she's been offered blockbuster films...

bub163354d ago

OK she had a 5 second role as a random person lol. I should of wrote "its not like she's been offered BIG roles in blockbuster films" lol

Vantage3354d ago

She complained about there being no playable women characters in Assassins Creed: Unity.

I hope she falls off that building.

Rimgal3354d ago

You complained about her complaint.

You can go first.

Pozzle3354d ago (Edited 3354d ago )

Wtf. You hope that serious physical harm comes to her just because she has an opinion you disagree with? O_o

Vantage3354d ago

Yes, isn't anonymity just precious?

MRMagoo1233354d ago


"anonymity" you wish lol there are a bunch of people probably on this site alone that would be able to find you if they had the need to.

mcarsehat3354d ago

Welcome to the internet...

BattleReach3354d ago

That's your opinion and I respect that, so an agree from me.

ziggurcat3354d ago

i would prefer to see a completely different story line for the sequel.

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Naughty Dog Says Tomorrow's Last of Us Day Stream Won't Have Game or TV News

Will focus on "art, merch, and more".

Naughty Dog has announced it'll be celebrating The Last of Us Day - its annual hat tip to the community - again this year, but has warned fans not to expect any game or TV show news.

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Snookies128d ago

Is that multiplayer EVER going to drop? Like good lord... I love Naughty Dog so much, they're definitely in my top 5, if not top 3 developers. At this point, it's just getting ridiculous though. There's never even been a trailer for it, right? What the heck is going on with that? Just kind of baffled by the lack of info because I was looking forward to that quite a bit before Last of Us 2 even dropped.

-Foxtrot8d ago

Last gen, 2 years after the PS4 released we had Uncharted 4 but we didn't get a new IP from them.

3 years after the PS5 dropped and we've had nothing new from NaughtyDog and still no sign of a new IP just a remake we really didn't need.

The only thing we know is coming is an online focused multiplayer game and while Factions was a great addition to the original TLOU it's not like any of us wanted a full on multiplayer game spin off to take time away from other things. We could have at least had a reveal trailer of their new IP by now by their second team if the focus wasn't so split.

Feels like they care more about the TV show, it's all they ever talk about even with the writers / actors strike going on.