The Last Of Us Remastered Is A System Seller

"Since the embargo has just ended for Naughty Dog’s masterpiece, and all journalistic doors opened, it’s time to share our take on how the Remastered version of The Last of Us will affect Sony’s next-gen console, PlayStation 4. We are aware that some of you are not so fond of this re-release, and to a certain extent we agree with you. The majority of those who are not welcoming this title are current and past PlayStation 3 owners who already enjoyed the game, and taking in account the fact that The Last of Us is a story driven game, why would you replay it? Maybe just for the sake of enhanced graphics and FPS, if you are into those."

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DeadRabbits1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

The release of TLOU Remastered on PS4 is like dropping a H-Bomb on the xbone!

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bicfitness1957d ago

FBC, if I recall correctly, Sony is going to be advertising the pants off of this game. Also, a lot of new PS4 owners, are also new to the PS family. There was a statistic about that recently. So for a lot of folk, this is a new game, for all intents and purposes. I think we'll see a substantial hardware spike this next month. (I don't watch TV, so I have no idea what ads have hit NA already, which is why I think there might be a bigger boost in August than July--end of the month.)

funkybudda1957d ago


check this article out:

As claim by Sony's own data analysis, they have concluded a good portion of PS4 owners never played TLOU based on the players network usage (PSN access). Combine that with those people that have not buy the systems yet, I think this title will help Sony shift some PS4 units.

Kosmacz1957d ago

Well, i don't consider this as a valuable argument, but i have some friends, who buy PS4 exactly to play this game. I won't call it a system seller, but i would expect to rise a bit sales.

ape0071957d ago

you're so obsessed with the bone, dude both systems are basically the same.....

Edsword1957d ago

It will probably sell systems, but I don't see any reason to bring the Xb1 into this. No, I don't think any one exclusive will be the end all be all for either system. I never played TLOU on PS3. They announced the Remaster right when I had decided to get the game for PS3. Needless to say that made me decide to wait for the remaster. I have already preordered the digital copy. But TLOU sold 6 mil on PS3, I don't think you will see those numbers on PS4 simply because of the lower install base and some have already played the game.

ZodTheRipper1957d ago

I'd consider it a system seller as well, if not TLOU what else? Will be very interesting to see the sales compared to the PS3 version, I think it has the potential to sell a few millions again. It definately deserves it.

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spacedelete1957d ago

TLOU will sell well just for the fact theres nothing good out on next gen. if you are bored with PS4 games you have the choice of buying TLOU or not using PS4 for another three months.

Axios21957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

I wonder what constitutes a "System Seller"

Destiny is 8 weeks out and has 5x as many pre orders on the same system.

@ Angels, no, I said JUST on the same system.

Angels37851957d ago


jnemesh1957d ago

What constitutes a "system seller"? When a gamer purchases a SYSTEM to play a specific game. It's not rocket science's 2nd grade English.

I agree. MANY people are going to want to play this game, and for some of them, this game will push them over the edge to buy one.

Will it sell as many consoles for Sony as Destiny will? No, I think Destiny is going to move more hardware...but this game WILL sell some consoles...just watch!

user74029311957d ago

This game is by fact the most awarded game in the history of mankind.

Angels37851957d ago

Dont know why people would bother disagreeing...It can be googled as a verifiable fact!

Tops results.

gjruk1957d ago

:O am I seeing right?

Drekken1957d ago

Its almost like he has an 8 sided die and he rolls it to give one of the most generic comments N4G can receive. This one is out of character, but you can't argue with the roll. He is N4G's Magic Eightball.

ThePope1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

I think the game is so good they could have launched a 480p/30 version and it would still get 10/10. Its just that good. Is the upgrade worth the money? No probably not. I bought a copy but I really want something to play on my PS4 and it might as well be TLoU.

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