Project CARS Vs Real Life Comparison Shows How Close To The Real Deal - Visually - This Racer Is

YouTube's 'DigiProst' has posted a comparison video between a real life and Project CARS, showing how amazing Slightly Mad Studios' racer actually is. While the head movements and overall physics are not close to the real thing, Project CARS' visuals look almost photorealistic.

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XiSasukeUchiha1965d ago

There so similar not even joking!

RantandRave1965d ago


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Future_20151965d ago

can't wait to play this on my 4k monitor

masterfox1965d ago

aww cool ?, Gran Turismo had this comparisons for years now, is cool to see a real competitor against GT, definitely I'm thinking getting this game day one but still who knows, GT 7 is on the development cycle as we speak so this game will satisfied 50% of my hunger for racing games and the other 50% will be Driveclub.

Ripsta7th1965d ago

Why is it always comparison with you guys!?! Cant coment withoutalways having to compare it a ps title

randomass1711965d ago

It would make sense to compare racing simulators to other racing simulators to see which games do what best. Comparisons like that are part of the competition and can sometimes even help games gain bigger followings and more traction. This indie game getting compared to Gran Turismo can only be a good thing. :P

Spotie1965d ago

Isn't this a comparison article?

user56695101965d ago

That's how they are they call themselves gamers but downplay ever title that Dont make PS seem like gods gift to the world. And games are not great unless its a PS exclusive. When it is they hype it like the second coming even if its little info or turn out to be average . Gotta love PS fanboys. They are walking contradictions and deflect everything that's not in their favor. That's the main reason they hate PC gamers because that bs Dont fly over here.

user74029311965d ago

cant wait for this, gran turismo 6 ps4 and driveclub

SteamPowered1965d ago

Wow, I think I actually felt the wind in my hair for a second there.

CloudRap1965d ago

looks good but not better than driveclub or forza horizon 2

tee_bag2421965d ago

Those games are both going to run at 30 fps so have fun with that. 30fps isn't enough for a racing game.

traumadisaster1964d ago

Depends on the racer. Somehow motorstorm was perfect for me at 30fps.

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The story is too old to be commented.