Zentendo reviews Boom Blox

Ian Brown reports:

''A quality, third party title for the Nintendo Wii is rarely seen. Although there are hundreds, if not thousands of games available for the Wii, few of them are actually worth the money that we pay for them, and even fewer of them are actually good. The biggest reason for this lack of quality gaming is because the Wii is dominated by the mindset of "family games" and "casual gamers". The PR companies coined these two phrases long ago for all of the major gaming companies in Europe and those two phrases now actually mean shovelware to many gamers.

However, occasionally a game will come around from a third party for the casual market and it will not only appeal to gamers of olde, but also will be of a quality that's close to that of Nintendo's own home grown produce. One of these titles for the Wii is Boom Blox, from Electronic Arts, otherwise known as EA.

It's hard to describe Boom Blox, as although it's a puzzle game, it's also so much more diverse. Essentially, Boom Blox is all about solving a few 3D puzzles and basically destroying everything in your path, with a few cute characters along the way. Yet, there are many different modes of play, which each allow the player to do something slightly different, but in the same line of thought.''

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