Walking Dead Season 3 Should Ditch Clementine

Gaming Blend writes: Telltale Games confirmed at San Diego Comic-Con that they're going to make a third season of Walking Dead game. I'm hoping this season brings some big changes, like a new main character.

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SpinalRemains1381962d ago


Watching her growth is one of the finer details of the game. From innocent naive child to cold blooded survivor.

Its awesome.

stavrami-mk21962d ago

Yea I think your right. Once you've followed a story for that long I think to take away the leading character would just make season 3 a spin off rather than a extension of the series

wheresmymonkey1962d ago

Agreed, they can kill everyone else off for all i care but Clem is an essential part of the story. watching her grow and develop is the core of the entire experience.

I do think it would be cool if they skipped the story forward a couple years though. Maybe introduced another player character as well.

Baka-akaB1962d ago

Well had had a fair share at showing growth and a whole arc . If she stick around , i'm not against it , but if they change the main character , it's ok too

JsonHenry1962d ago

I like Clem. But I wouldn't hate having a more adult themed game and would rather play as an adult. I feel like the Walking Dead games are a little too mickey mouse/pg-rated with having Clem as the main character.

jimjam34421962d ago

if they kill clem, i would stop buying there games, the walking dead is telltales masterpiece and clementines story is the walking dead for me.

i bet everyone dies except clem and the baby, and she finds christa in the town you watch lol

DEATHxTHExKIDx1962d ago

Hmm I like Clem tho. Maybe if there's a season 4 I'd be able to let go but not just yet.

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