The Destiny Beta was a Tremendous Success

The destiny Beta from the creators of Halo ended today. The studio posted on facebook and twitter saying the Beta was a tremendous succes and thanks us for playing the game.

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Qwagy UK1731d ago

Destiney Beta successfully made me cancel my pre-order.

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Hellsvacancy1731d ago

Yeah I cancelled my pre-order, i'd much rather play this on the PS4 when I get one

harrisk9541730d ago

What had you planned to play it on?

Hellsvacancy1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

I pre-ordered the PS3 version so I could get a beta code, my intention was cancel it anyway, i'm not buying anymore PS3 games

The plan was to get a PS4 closer to when Bloodborne and Withcer 3 released (i'm an rpg hound) but after enjoying the Destiny beta i'm tempted to get a PS4 sooner so I can play Destiny on release

I still might, going to holiday next week so it depends on how much I spend really, I like to spend

GiggMan1730d ago

Yeah I might have to get a PS3 version because my wife loved it so much. I'm getting the PS4 version and she trying to convince me to pick up the white PS4 bundle for her so we could play together.

It would be cool, if she's still into it by the holidays maybe. Until then it's the ps3 version lol.

Hellsvacancy1730d ago

There's nothing wrong with the PS3 version, some of it looks very nice, it's just my mates will have the PS4 version so that's what I shall go with

GiggMan1730d ago

Yeah I agree, both version are excellent. I played both during the beta and really like how your characters cross over to both versions.

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Sevir1731d ago

Well it sealed my purchase intent. I met quite a few amazing people who I became friends with on PSN. The whole social seamless and integrated mechanics to just link with a stranger and take on the world sold me since the limited Alpha, but the shear scope of the moon and earth alone eclipses every other shooter I've played to date.

I'm happy Destiny made you cancel your pre-order, we don't need uncooperative people who only want the COD experience. Lol you can run to that on Nov 4th this year. Everyone else... See you in the Cosmodrome on Sept 9

towelie12881731d ago

loved the beta
i only have one ...
either get it on PS4 or get it on X1......... i like the X1 controller better for shooters by far but i got used to the PS4 controller playing destiny

Lawboy21731d ago

I'm playing it on the ps4 because of my friends and clan members...had it preordered for the xbox one but really enjoyed playing with those guys....I really loved the beta I think it is going to be a amazing game

ThePope1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

I played the Beta on both consoles. And as I expected few people chat on the PS4. I don't know what it is but no one uses the headset during the 10-12 times I did the strike mission. I though this would happen, as it always did on my PS3, but strike missions need communication, and it just seems that Xbox users, are more willing to use the headset. On top of that the Skype codec is amazing and makes talking much more enjoyable.

In regards to the controller, that's tougher. Because hitting the big square button in the middle of the PS4 controller to bring up your ghost is really slick, especially when compared to the little button the X1. Though the battery life on the X1 is much better and worse case scenario you just put in new batteries.

n4rc1731d ago

I find most people realized how well kinect handles chat and now you don't even need a headset on.. Seems almost everyone can communicate, for better or worse loo

marlinfan101731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

ill be getting it for x1 for sure, playing shooters just doesn't work for me with the DS4. i guess its after years of playing all my shooters on xbox.

and about not being able to hear anyone. i think you need to invite them into your fire team in order to hear them. i could be wrong but i don't think theres any chatting outside of party chat and your fire team chat

Menkyo1731d ago

You realize there is no local chat right?

Jeff2571730d ago

Unless you are in a fire team or using party chat there is no chatting with other players. In fact most of my clan mates always used party chat when together in game. In PVP it helped keep the chat clear without any sound of the game overpowering it. Out in the world it was nice to use fire team chat though because the voices would actually echo as if they were right next to you in the world.

Spotie1730d ago

Are you sure you aren't Richard Dawkins? We had to explain to him, as well, why what you're saying is BS.

ThePope1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

Sorry I should have been more clear. I understand there is no local/general chat. When I say people don't use their headset. I mean I try and invite them to the fire team chat and they wont put a headset on. And I'm not saying its all PS4 owners. I feel for some reason PS owners in general don't use chat. It might sound crazy but I've always owned both consoles (as long as there has been 2 anyway) and have found the same thing every gen.

Sevir1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

LOL. That's cool, but there is no local or proximity Chat on Destiny, People chat When you are linked directly into a Fire Party. Secondly you probably didn't know this But Party Chat system on PS4 must have its priority set to Game chat or you wont hear people chatting in who are playing the same game. If you do however want cross game chat then Setting your priority to Party chat enables you to chat with people playing different games than you, these people being people on your friend's list.

Just about everyone I linked with on Destiny had a Mic and we talked and helped each other on PS4... But hey. your experience is your experience. Its much the same for people on XBL when playing destiny since Bungie doesn't allow proximity chat or local chat. you've gotta be linked in with people in your immediate fire party and they have to be using mics.

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Any other day I would say get it on PS4, but since this game pretty much looks and performs the same on Both, get it for which ever console you think you would like it better on.

Chuk51731d ago

I'm just saddened. I don't have work today, so I'm just sitting around looking for any new crap of Destiny info. Man 9/9 is faaaaaaaar

devwan1730d ago

Totally agree, as long as you meant "scrap" :)

Grave1731d ago

It's been a LONG time since a beta was able to get me excited for a final release. Destiny beta was freaking awesome and 9/9 feels like it's 10 years away.

masterfox1731d ago

I have to agree, I spend lots of hours into this beta. But still lots of hours but never forget that I was on beta, so I let loose my imagination in how awesome this game was going to be, but then I hear all the recent news/rumors on how the final release will be and so I got disappointed cause of it.

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