Video Games: The Movie to Get Sequel and TV Series?

Grab It is reporting that Jeremy Snead, the director of recent documentary film Video Games: The Movie is planning to do more on our medium.

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SlappingOysters1956d ago

It's great that film makers are treating gaming with this kind of respect. The more the better if you ask me!

shipnabottle1956d ago

Yeah bring it on. I'll hit series record quicker than Sonic on steroids

legionsoup1955d ago

I love the topic, but the movie itself was kind of boring. Nothing new or interesting was really said about video games that hasn't been said before. I wish they focused more time or lesser know games and systems, such as the Dreamcast, Saturn, Neo Geo Pocket Color, etc. I guess that's what another movie/tv show is for?

kratoz12091955d ago

Well I enjoyed it and my nonno(I am Italian ) who knows nothing about this industry was a real eye opener for him.