This Multicoloured PlayStation 4 Has an Important Message

Push Square: "Sony has announced a wealth of different PlayStation 4 skins for its next-gen super machine, but they all pale in comparison to this one. Available exclusively at Swedish retailer Webhallen, the colourful unit has been designed to tie in to the Stockholm Pride Festival, which is set to kick off today. The vibrant device will be auctioned off, with the proceeds donated to rights organisation RFSL."

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Gh05t1957d ago

"I'm Gay"

That is not meant to be a joke but the article didn't actually SAY what the "Important Message" was, so I figured I would say it.

All in all pretty sweet skin, don't know if I am a fan of the retro heart but I like the colors.

Spotie1957d ago

Agreed. I guess the heart is supposed to be 16-bit, and thus making it gaming-related, but it does seem a little out of place. Cool skin, anyway.

Here's hoping this article doesn't get flooded with bigots.

Matt6661957d ago

Gay actually means happy. (well it use to anyway but I guess it mean multiple things now) but anyway the correct term would be homosexual.

Gh05t1957d ago

Gay is a synonym for homosexual.

You do know that a word can have more than one definition right? I'm just saying maybe you should understand that words have more than one meaning and in this context I don't think anyone was really wondering which definition of the word I was referring to.

Look it up in any current dictionary and I bet you will find a reference to the context I used. If the dictionary is REALLY progressive than you will see its the ONLY definition, but some its the 3-4th definition down the list.

ContinuePlay1957d ago

The correct term is Gay. The definition of using "gay" to mean "happy" is archaic and no longer in use by 99.99% of the population - except for people who always complain about it.

sergons1957d ago ShowReplies(2)
ramiuk11957d ago

oh dear,clicked the link and then the RFSL link in article,now the girlfriend gonna wonder why im on swedens gay lovers site (RFSL—The Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights) while shes upstairs putting ironing away.

Ultraplayerxp1957d ago

Hey, I guessed right!
+1 rainbow point. Sweet.

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The story is too old to be commented.