Kill or Be Killed in The Last of Us Remastered Multiplayer - Gameplay

It is a struggle to survive in the brutal multiplayer of The Last of Us Remastered on PS4.

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ifistbrowni2648d ago (Edited 2648d ago )

It looks so beautiful!! TLOU multiplayer consumed a lot of my gaming time and i presume TLOU:R will consume even more than TLOU (PS3).

Hands down, my favorite multiplayer of all time. The original Gears of War had the number 1 spot until this gem came out of no where.

EDIT: "Came out of no where" because i had not expected TLOU multiplayer to be anything special. I had bought TLOU for the single-player experience and didn't expect much of the multiplayer.

The sweat that i have poured out of my hands over the past year while being the last one standing in survivors....

PR_FROM_OHIO2648d ago

Totally agree with you this is my favorite multiplayer of last gen and will be my new fav on the PS4!! LOL This multiplayer is so underrated!!

garos822648d ago

totally agree and it is for the multiplayer that i will double dip.waiting on a good offer here in the uk before i do so though.

ive spent enough already on launch day version and all dlc

Omar912648d ago

My only problem with the multiplayer is that there isnt really a good progression system in the game. The whole having survivors doesnt really add to the game nor does the obnoxious tasks you need to do like execute 10 people in 3 days. I just wish it was a little more deeper. Other then that its awesome.

garos822648d ago

the survivors is just a 'score system' and it gets quite emotional as you link your facebook account as it makes all of them your real life mates.

the best multiplayer game ive played this gen along side souls series

Master-H2648d ago

There is progression, the more parts you collect overall the more points you can unlock and use in your loadouts i believe.

zsquaresoff2648d ago

Has anyone started playing the multiplayer yet? I got the game yesterday but neither the photo mode or the multiplayer have activated for me yet.

garos822648d ago

photo mode will be patch day 1 i believe. as for multiplayer i guess just wait for release tomorrow when people can actually get hold of it

zsquaresoff2648d ago

Great, thanks for the info.

Manubiggs2648d ago

i borrowedmy buddies ps3 to play last of us and it convinced me to get the ps4 and leave xbox.Can't wait to play it again, plus I have never tried the multiplayer, looks awesome.

PaleMoonDeath2648d ago

This is why I'm re-buying.

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