8 Unanswered Questions About Apple's 3G iPhone

PC World writes: "
If you expected startling news to come out of Monday's keynote for Apple's World-Wide Developers Conference (WWDC)--headlined, of course, by Steve Jobs--you went away unstartled and disappointed.

This event was mostly about confirming widely reported rumors: The high-speed iPhone 3G is indeed arriving shortly (on July 11), it's half the price of its predecessor ($199 for an 8GB model with a two-year contract), and it has GPS. Otherwise, much of the keynote was devoted to recapping stuff announced back in March regarding the iPhone's SDK for third-party applications and its support for Microsoft's Exchange e-mail platform."

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Gibsie3781d ago

I'm Sold when they chuck in a better camera with video a function

Imallvol73781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

I think I will stay with my touch and keep my phone that doesn't break the bank every month. (My cell service is much cheaper.) Oh, and JAILBREAK FTW!

TheMART3781d ago

Will Jailbreak hack this baby? Now that's the only question :P

Ice2ms3781d ago

My Best Guess Is They Will. It Cant Be Too Different Than The Origional

Sphinx3781d ago

and am very happy with it. It does way more than the iPhone, and the plan is a lot less. So is the phone with a new contract.

KYU21303781d ago

I would get one but i don't feel i should have to sign a new contract with AT&T just to get the phone. I have a blackberry now and i would love to have to change over but not for a new plan. I should be able to pick one up and pop my chip in and go.

Sorry Apple . i love my mac( all 2 of them) but you lost me on the phone.

giovonni3781d ago

On top of that, AT&T has some expensive minute rates compared to T-mobile. Hell, I pay 39.99 for 1000 day, free nights and weekends with T-mobile. Apple made a poor decision limiting their smart phone to just AT&T as specially when you want to have 10million in the hands of consumers by the end of the year. The majority of the people are already locked into a contact with a cell company,

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