The iLL Panel: The Digital vs Physical distribution debate

The iLL Panel this time around debates about Physical and Digital games, their pros and their cons. Also, we discuss a thing or two about Collectors Editions - iLLGaming.

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recto851960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

here's your debate: physical or GTFO.

sweendog1960d ago

If digital was cheaper and why shouldnt it be (no manufacturing or shipping), I might consider it. But in the uk watch dogs was £55 digital and £45 for the disk. If I had gone digital I would be stuck with that awful game forever!

Hk85karlsson1960d ago

Why? Couldn´t you just throw the disc in the trash? Give it away to a friend?

Delete it digitally if bought digital?

Some people just crack me up.

sweendog1960d ago

@hk85 you missed the point. I bought the disk and sold it the next day to get some money back. If I had gone digital it is forever in my download history never played after the first day. Big waste of £55.

hardeepmeghera1960d ago

Plus that whole resale value from buying physical copies of games is just an added bonus.

Hk85karlsson1960d ago

Btw, I´m 100% digital this time around.

TLOU RM is actually cheaper (digital) here in Scandinavia/Sweden than the physical disc.

And its fun to see Americans whine over let´s say MGS GZ:s pricing, when games over here in EU/UK is twice the NA price/prices.

M3TR01DFANBOY1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

I only buy Physical unless I get a free download like the mario kart 8 promotion or the 30 cent games the wii u saw