Atari Founder 'Thrilled' To Be Played By Leonardo DiCaprio, Talks 'Atari' Movie

MTV Multiplayer writes: "Nolan Bushnell has heard numerous pitches to adapt his life and the birth of Atari into a Hollywood production. He's always passed on the opportunity.

But when writers Brian Hecker and Craig Sherman came to him, Bushnell said yes. "I felt that these guy got it in a very, very real way and [knew] what Atari stood for," Bushnell told MTV Multiplayer over the phone last night.

Hecker and Sherman's story of Atari was revealed to be picked up by Paramount Pictures last week, with actor Leonardo DiCaprio set to star. I asked Bushnell if could have ever imagined the boy in "Titanic" would one day be the person to represent his real-life experiences on the silver screen.

"No," he laughed. 'I'm very, very thrilled and honored that would be the case.'"

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