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"The Last of Us finally lands on PlayStation 4. Find out everything about it in our Remastered review!"

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kaiserfranz1732d ago

I can't wait for this! Especially pumped for [email protected]

Bring it on!

Alexious1732d ago

You won't be disappointed :)

DeadlyOreo1732d ago

It's not really a reply so I apologise. But does anyone else notice all of the disagrees people are getting in these Last Of Us articles? Haha, when I see them I just picture a load of butt hurt Microsoft fans, or maybe the same dude with multiple accounts.

heisenberguk1732d ago

Depends, I got LOADS of disagrees when after the 30fps 'locked' option came to light last week I said it has to be there because the game's 60fps option must have framerate drops and I had people TELLING me I was wrong and posting links to articles and quoting comments from ND on twitter and I'm NO Msoft fanboy! I fully expect to get loads of disagrees now too!! HaHaHa

Petrus911732d ago

Gonna get it asap, good price for extreme value! ;)

vlashyr1732d ago

I think NeoGAF got it right with "Game of the Years" - this sounds like it's going to steal 2014 as well.

LavaLampGoo1732d ago

Only ever played Last of Us on the my friends PS3, can't wait to owe it myself and take my time exploring the world properly...

Alexious1732d ago

You're in for a treat, mate.

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The story is too old to be commented.