Getting the Most Out of the Wii U

Agents of Geek: Nintendo’s understanding of fun is magical, and after all these years they continue to capture my heart. There is no wonder Nintendo earned a bit of praise coming out of E3 2014. The digital event, Treehouse: Live, and attention-grabbing games, it’s safe to say that the Wii U has generated a bit of genuine buzz. After what Nintendo presented at E3, you probably have the itch to pick up the system for yourself. But before you take the leap becoming a Wii U owner, consider taking some of these suggestions to get the most out of your Wii U ownership.

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GeofferyPeterson1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

It's hard. It takes me about 10 of them to get a full glass of Wii U. It's pretty expensive but worth every penny.

superchiller1960d ago

How to get the most out of a Wii U: don't buy one.

Chrischi19881960d ago

Your comment doesnt make any sense, even if you are a hater, it still doesnt make sense...

marloc_x1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Shoot me your Miiverse tag when you do break Schiller, some co-op Bayonetta would be fun.

Only on WiiU :P

superchiller1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

Unfortunately there is no reason to buy a Wii U, games are really unappealing and the bulky, awkward, gimmicky gamepad ruins the experience. But I might get one when they go on clearance next year for $99 or less. :P

marloc_x1956d ago

Ha! That's cool Schiller :)
As an early adopter I have had a completely different experience than you,
(and probably quite a bit more time with this console)!

But it still stands, at the END of this gen, buy your 99 dollar Wii U and look me up.
At that time too I will grab Vita at the pawn shop..