UK government to "review evidence" for tax credits reports: The UK government has issued an official response to a petition on the Prime Minister's 10 Downing Street website stating that it "takes seriously" the role that the videogames industry plays, and that it is currently reviewing evidence for introducing culturally-influenced tax breaks following a recent decision in France.

"The government takes seriously the contribution of the UK's creative industries to the economy and to the UK's cultural richness. Creative Britain - New talents for the New Economy, published earlier this year, set out the 26 commitments with which the Government would support the creative industries," said the statement.

"In that document, the Government committed to making sure that the creative industries, including the games sector, were aware of and made the best use of the generous Research and Development tax credits for small and medium-sized enterprises, introduced by the Government in 2000. The Government has already been promoting the credit within the industry.

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Canada have more appealing benefits than the uk these days.