How would you feel if your online opponent was secretly a bot?

Yesterday I was playing Wii Sports Club Boxing online while contemplating stuff to talk about on this week's Sup Holmes. I thought I'd have a while to think, but I was wrong. I only had to wait like 3 seconds before I was thrown into a match. For the least popular mode of a game that I'm guessing hasn't even sold 750,000 yet, that's not too shabby.

The question is, if Nintendo had set up some auto-play online opponents to give the illusion that you were taking on a "real" person, would that be a bad thing?

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sinncross1728d ago

Yes and no. No cause it would be someone to play but yes because the idea that I am playing against (or with) human people makes the experience seem more fair and social.

If I was none the wiser than perhaps I would not care but if I knew that I was playing a bot, or could tell I was, then I think I might be less invested in the online aspect.

randomass1711728d ago

Whenever I play Team Fortress 2, I feel a lot less invested if I jump into a server and most of the enemies are bots. I like playing against real opponents because it feels more fulfilling. If I don't know any better then I would probably remain blissfully ignorant.

GeofferyPeterson1728d ago

Personally I would demand a full refund.

zagan061728d ago

Ive thought that someone might pull this.

WeAreLegion1728d ago

Only if they don't inform the customer.

wonderfulmonkeyman1728d ago

That all depends on one very important question; is it fun to fight the bot?

Depending on how good the AI is without being cheap or broken, it might still be fun to engage them.

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The story is too old to be commented.