MGS4 Energy Drink By Regain

PS3 Fanboy Write

"In Japan, it's not uncommon for drinks to include Cracker Jack-esque bonuses. This new Metal Gear-themed energy drink from Regain is offering a few goodies when you pick up one at your local Japanese convenience store. Our friend at PSP GadgetZ got all four varieties, and you can check them out here. Our favorite bonus? The Foxhound-themed dogtag.

The Japanese commercial for this energy drink, embedded after the break."

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Euphrate3783d ago

Just joking people! lol

STARS3783d ago

I can see how some people might take offense, but I still lol'd.

RSX3783d ago

That dog chain..appart from can keep the drink ¬_¬

resistance1003783d ago

I've just ordered one off Ebay ^________^

vickers5003783d ago

Damn, I want to live in japan :(