Here Is What GTA IV Looks Like At Glorious 4K (3840x2160) With iCEnhancer 3.0

DSOGaming writes: "Our reader ‘Unreal’ has shared with us a new gameplay video of GTA IV, showing what Rockstar’s open-world game looks like at 4K (3840×2160) with iCEnhancer 3.0. The end result is glorious, so make sure to view the video at its native 4K resolution."

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ThatEnglishDude1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

DOS is a great site but their obsession with GTA IV mods is getting very irritating. Yes, GTA IV can look pretty. Jeez. We've had these articles for over 2 years now at least.

While it looks pretty, there's a hilarious lack of traffic and pedestrians. You can make it look like the best game in the world - but all you're doing is polishing a turd. It doesn't change the fact that GTA IV isn't THAT fun to play, nor is there much to do.

Why not show some typical gameplay footage. I.E - running around on foot causing havoc? Oh right, because all these mods do is improve lighting and car models. Not to mention the fact that it's likely the framerate would drop to the point of being unplayable. The lighting doesn't even look that realistic. It's too exaggerated.

Please, DOS - I implore you - move on from GTA IV mod articles.

DoomeDx1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

I know right. I always see a sports car driving around. I used Icenchanger once and its not a good as the video shows. Only a certain time of day look good. Lets say that 3pm looks pretty good. Then once it hits 4pm the colors are just out of place and weird. Icenhancer doesnt even look as groundbreaking as the videos are trying to prove.

It is pretty cool that an old game can be modified like this though. But the colors just aren't natural. The car is way brighter then the environment, and the textures are just...idk they dont fit together well.

I think im spoiled by newer PC titles.

vishmarx1967d ago

ugh are graphics all people care about?
playing old ass games just to prove a point that their system is more powerful

bumnut1967d ago

No, its more 'look what R* could have made'

wannabe gamer1967d ago

"I used Icenchanger once and its not a good as the video shows"

you do know you cant just dpwnload it and turn it on and get the same resulkts right? you have to spend time tweaking and tuning it to your setup to get these kind of results. thats why these are so cool cause someone put the time in to get it right. no one is going to just download it and click install and play and have these kinds of results.

ShinMaster1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

Nice pop in @ 1:08. Maybe they should put less emphasis on resolution and graphics overall. *Sigh* some PC gamers, I tell you h'wat.
All that modding and it barely looks as good as GTA5. Old game is old. You can play a 6 year-old game in super high resolution, congratulation.

""you have to spend time tweaking and tuning it to your setup to get these kind of one is going to just download it and click install and play""

Yeah that sounds like a hassle not a lot of people care enough to bother with.

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Patrick_pk441967d ago

The reason for the amount of GTA IV articles is because iCEnhancer was updated to 3.0 with better lighting and texture, etc. And the game runs perfectly fine at 60fps with iCE. If you want to find videos where people cause havoc, it can be found on a website called YouTube (if you didn't know). It seems like you are hating on the mod because it actually improves visuals, which many people on N4G can't experience since they haven't joined the master race.

agame9141967d ago Show
TheWackyMan1967d ago

Crysis 1 was actually really good. Also calm down, getting a little butthurt over nothing.

Kavorklestein1967d ago

You mean like how N4G needs to take it easy with The Last of Us articles?

Hanuman1967d ago

Lol, you said; The Last of Us, and thus contributed to the site. In your memory, I'm going to approve some TLOU articles.

ATi_Elite1967d ago

No i want more GTAiv Icemod articles. It brings attention to the wonderful work done by modders and in fact gtaiv isnt the only pc title with a graphics mod as most pc games have a graphics mod.

Again N4G rule number 2:
Playstation gamers love talking about graphics and resolution when compared to the Xbox but as soon as the Real next Gen platform the PC is brought up then Playstation gamers start CRYING about how graphics dont matter.

Gtaiv is dead on consoles but thanks to ice mod Avengers mod Batman mod Spiderman mod and about 200 other mods Gtaiv PC is alive.

So when GtaV PC releases I suggest you PS4 owners get a vomit bag because you can expect another 3 years of Gtav pc mods and articles.

BF4 ps4 900p

So go worship you dream machine in a TLOU remastered article and let us Modders and those who appreciate mods enjoy our article.

Clunkyd1966d ago

It looks very cartoonish to be honest.

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0P-Tigrex1967d ago

And they say graphics don't matter!!! lmao

JaXion51967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

Because it they don't, gameplay does. Would you rather have a game with shit gameplay and amazing graphics or a game with great gameplay and shit graphics?

sungam3d1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

Why not have both?
A fantastic game with fantastic graphics.

boneso821967d ago

They both matter! Why is it so hard for people to get their heads around the fact that you don't have to have great gameplay or great graphics, you can have both!

What would you rather:
Great gameplay, shit graphics?
Great graphics, shit gameplay?

The best games have the best of both, why would you just be satisfied with a weak looking game that plays well when that same game could also look gorgeous and play exactly the same way?

ps @ agame914: Graphics mattered even more back in the late 80's early 90's, reviews were broken up into score categories and given an average, Gameplay out of 10, graphics out of 10, sound out of 10 etc...

Graphics always have mattered and always will matter, and there is nothing wrong with that, "gamers!"

agame9141967d ago

It don't did graphics matter when everyone on this blog owned NES? Graphics are nice to look at but once the novelty runs off your left with shit. Like crysis

combatcash1967d ago


You should tell that to all of the ps4 fanboys, that's the new hype graphics resolution and variable 60 fps games lol

Randostar1967d ago

It will be cool to see what people can do when GTAV comes to pc.
I can't even imagine.

GeraltofRivia1967d ago

It will be so incredible it will stop console only junkies from saying next gen games look as good as pc games.

1967d ago
user56695101967d ago

Mods changes gameplay too but we all know your mad and will make any excuse you can. If gameplay your looking for there's no better place than PC. Have you tried skyrim on console? Have you tried skyrim with mods on PC ? Yeah nice trytry. You Dont care but always think others care about your PS exclusives.

combatcash1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )


So why do ps fanboys talk about playing xbox "exclusive" games on pc? Anytime and xbox game is also being released on pc, all of these ps fanboys come out of the woodwork with gaming capable rigs.


Why do console owners put down opposing consoles? It doesn't make sense to me either but it happens, besides this is a pc article why would console only owners be in here?

TheSaint1967d ago

Do you think PC players will ever be secure enough in their choice to not badger console owners at every opportunity?

If consoles are as inferior as you all like to say then why do you feel the need to constantly knock them down?

LogicStomper1967d ago


"We don't care about PC in the first place."

We as in yourself? Don't even try pretend you are the community, because you're only an individual.

"Have you ever heard of gameplay? Well it's pretty awesome you should try it sometime."

Gameplay isn't a verb. You can't gameplay.

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