The Last Of Us: Remastered Purchasers Open To Abuse?

It seems like anyone who announces they're buying The Last Of Us: Remastered has opened themselves up for all sorts of abuse from fellow gamers.

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NicSage1965d ago

It is their buck, they can spend it anyway they want too.

Who cares what other people think.

I'm going to buy it.

brish1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

*insert abuse comment here* ;-)

Ezz20131965d ago

the reason for he abuse is
TLOU = EXCLUSIVE (it's cool to whine about the remaster of exclusive, who never played it can go to hell)

GTAV = Multiplat (Amazing,who cares it sold 1 billion,Day 1 buy )

UltraNova1964d ago

I dont even recall a single threat, article comment whisper or even a fart (there I said it) calling out those who intent to buy the Halo collection...Hmmmm or GTAV for that matter...

I dont know maybe I'talking nonsense here...

ShinMaster1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

GTAV, Metro Redux, Halo:MCC or every other GOTY edition = OK.

TLOU:R = PS4 exclusive = NOT OK.


SG1_dapunisherX1965d ago

Only Im going say goty. ready for tuesday

JackOfAllBlades1965d ago

It'll be like TES:IV Oblivion and release, get goty, release goty edition, get goty again

Goro1965d ago

@Rowdius_Maximus Except Oblivion GOTY Edition didn't get GOTY again.

Bigpappy1965d ago

Cant believe someone would write and article to whine about someone else's view on them buying a remake. Then to actually have some one submit it (must be the same person), and then to find enough people willing to approve it.

I didn't read it. The title says it all.

Spotie1964d ago

I can't believe you'd whine about people whining.

kreate1965d ago

There's so many remasters, why this one has so many haters?

Ratty1965d ago

I guess because the media flipped out and a lot of people followed as usual. Rockstar are doing the exact same thing with GTAV except it's more recent and I'm willing to bet they didn't put as much work into it as ND did with TLOU Remastered. Oddly enough there's no hate surrounding the GTAV port.

I don't know if I'm getting TLOU remastered but I know I'm not getting GTAV PS4.

LordMaim1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

@One_Eyed_Wizard: It's not odd at all. GTA V is multi-platform.

Lord_Sloth1965d ago

@Lord Maim
It doesn't matter that it's multi-plat, R* can hire a small country of programmers to get the job done right but they don't care to.

Insomnia_841965d ago

The physical abuse is awesome in MP , SO YES!!

fenome1965d ago

[email protected] the haters, plain and simple. It's my money and I'll do what I please with it. Don't like it? Kick rocks.

My money's given, not taken, that's not even a question.

SpinalRemains1381964d ago

Because it affects us all.

Its similar to those who were in favor or indifferent to DRM on Xbox. It affects everyone when you support something which potentially takes away from our hobby.

Remasters do have an impact. Maybe not severe, but if the model is successful, we all see less new games in favor of rehashed old games.

I for one do not want to see that.

Of course you're free to spend how you like, but your collective decisions affect all gamers.

MonstaTruk1964d ago


I agree with you. The problem I have (and I think most PS4 buyers of this remaster has) is the fact that...THIS where you make your stance? THIS GAME...the one that won countless GOTY awards & over 200 different awards for being a superior game during a generation of extreme spam...this is that game?! You want gamers to hear your message of hunkering down and let the gaming industry know that they're not putting up with remastered-spam-games with...THIS GAME?! :-/

Where were you for Tomb Raider? And will you be there for the MCC? Hmmm...

DarkZane1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

Remasters have no effect at all.

Beside, I'd rather buy one good remaster than 10 barely decent new games.

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Majin-vegeta1965d ago

Wow that person should have reportrd the employee.He would no longer be working there.

All i.know is when people are crying over this game remastered.Ill be popping clickers heads off.

Haters gonna hate.

liquidhalos1964d ago

Im sorry but that whole story about best buy is made up. What a nonsense article.

Starbucks_Fan1965d ago

Lol let them buy it if they want. It's a great game.

ShaqSoda1965d ago

Why so much drama in gaming these days?

LOGICWINS1965d ago

A lot of these people have very little in life going for them outside of gaming. They use gaming to vent about non-gaming related problems. When someone gets THAT heated over a game, theres almost always a reason for that...and its not the game.

memots1965d ago

you just describe truefan

extermin8or1964d ago

Little bit of logic sure does go a long way :P But no seriously they can think their superior to me if they like. However in all honesty I don't care. The games good enough that as at uni I don't have a ps3 with me and I'm going to want to play this game sometimes I'm willing to buy it again. It's cost me £30. This is no different to the GOTY dlc collections normally released for alot of games instead your getting MORE for your money. So let them think themselves superior I know for a fact that a) I don't usually fall for tricks and such and b) I don't seem to meet that many people in normal society that I'd actually say seem smarter than me in anyway. I study physics at uni so ofc as is the nature of a place like university I meet a fair few people there that probably are just as smart or smarter but in the normal world where everyone counts-nope, so if it makes them feel better to feel superior or smarter than me by depriving themselves of replaying/playing one of the best games in years then they can go right ahead. I'll be playing my game and laughing at them the entire time.

ape0071965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

i don't think they're really that stupid or that dramatic, i believes it's websites dwindling on any subject to get hits

it's all bout dem $$$$

LOGICWINS1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

That too. These are extremely isolated incidents that are blown out of proportion by gaming media to get hits from hardcore Sony fanatics who will, as usual, defend their exclusives.

From what I'm seeing in the comments, it seems to be working.

I feel that there can be legit reasons to discourage someone from purchasing something. I tried to steer people away from buying Ground Zeroes because that would set a dangerous precedent for the industry that could affect ME and others.

In terms of TLOU, theres very little to bitch about. Its basically a GOTY edition. I just feel that the media is giving way too much attention to game that released a year ago.

iSuperSaiyanGod1965d ago

Right . Gaming is never suppose to be that serious . It's suppose to be fun . But not to controll your life over it . Some people on here take that stuff way to seriously .

zeroskie1965d ago

I'm going to buy it... eventually.