Lego Indiana Jones, Review and Achievements for Xbox 360

Long time Lego Star Wars fan, Lexx, reviews the latest Lucastfilm series to be given the block treatment. Despite some major draw backs, such as no online co-op, find out why this game is worth the purchase!

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L3XXY3781d ago

Really great game. I only hope Lego Batman has online co-op!

bloomerist3781d ago

great review! Everyone should at least check this game out

andmuckvol23778d ago

this was really good and helpful article and a decent game i might add. worth a look

crazee3778d ago

This is another good lego game, Lets just hope with Batman they go back to online co-op, that is the only thing missing from this game.

Kitten3778d ago

Great game and great article!!