New TLOU: Remastered PS4 60FPS vs 30FPS Screens, No Significant Differences, Preload Live Now & More

Take a look at some more The Last of Us: Remastered 60FPS Shadows vs 30FPS Shadows comparison screenshots, pre-load live now in Europe and impression of Naughty Dog developer on Grounded Mode at 60FPS, "immersive experience, Very unforgiving, but that makes it feel like real life."

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XiSasukeUchiha1729d ago

Tlou Remastered 60 FPS Vs 30FPS is just shadows difference that's all and Preloading now see you their gamers:)

sam_job1729d ago

that "No Significant Differences" specify this only: "there hardly any difference" in shadow as pointed out by previous comparison screen

1729d ago
truefan11729d ago

Serious question. Did ND ever release actual gameplay footage. I only ask because the game releases in 2 days. If so, could you direct me to the article

ziggurcat1729d ago


1. that's not a serious question... everyone here knows you're just concern trolling.

2. there's been plenty of gameplay footage on twitch (somehow people have been able to acquire this game early), and believe it or not, there's this little thing called the "share" button on the PS4 controller that allows you to capture screenshots from the game you're currently playing. there's been a *lot* of screenshots shown on the internet of the remaster - all of which have been captured directly on the PS4. even naughty dog has shown some of their own screenshots:

3. go back to your bridge.

reko1729d ago

We all know you're trolling.
Nice try tho truedesperatefanboy.

TheSaint1729d ago

Serious question, do you even believe half the stuff you write? Please PM me to answer. I genuinely want to know if you believe yourself or if you're just a cartoon character.

UltraNova1729d ago

Truefan I'm still waiting for you to comment on June's NPD results...Seriously, of course ;-)

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ifistbrowni1729d ago

A pre-load feature on TLOU would've been nice to have in the US. I'll be downloading it all day Tuesday while everyone else gets to enjoy.

Have fun, non-digital buyers!

C-H-E-F1729d ago (Edited 1729d ago )

Ehh why get a gem like that digital?? Some PSE's can be Digital but a beast like this you have to have the case. Uhm... turn on auto download/updates on your ps4 keep the ps4 in standby and it will download while you sleep monday midnight (12:01am tuesday morning). That's what I did with Infamous and other games I got digital. Thanks to comcast I waited about 30-45 min. for infamous if that. So download while you're sleeping is key. Sadly I got this through Amazon so I have to wait until the ups douche come. Anyways thanks to Watch Dogs trade in I got it for free.

Hope to see you all online... uhm pm me your psn's :D happy crafting.

STK0261729d ago

While I understand your point, I have a very different way of thinking. I know I'll be playing the online MP for months if not more, and it's unlikely I ever decide to trade it in at my local EBGames. I'd rather always have it in my PS4 so it's always ready to play and I don't always have to reach for the disc or carry it along when I go to a friend's place.

When I buy a physical copy of a game, it's usually because I know I won't keep it and plan on trading it in. Keepers I always go digital.

Heisenburger1729d ago


Totally man. I want The Last of Us to be a PART of my PS4.

That's the way I look at it. Digital isn't some lesser form. Plus, I won't be needing to switch my discs. It's a great way to keep my library, while saving space for other things.

InTheZoneAC1729d ago

all my ps4 games are digital and probably 90% of my ps3 games are digital. I'd rather keep all my games conveniently on the HDD than have hundreds of games taking up space.

OUROSMAG1729d ago

The games I know I would never trade or sell, get Digital Downloads to my system, the titles that I'm unsure of, get physical copies.

C-H-E-F1729d ago

@everyone who replied lOl

Oh okay, I suppose... I like to have physical copies of games I plan to have as a collectors item. (not for monetary because I will be playing it but for sentimental value in the years to come.) I am trying the digital thing with some games I plan to have forever though. I love the seamless no disc, but it's just something about having the case and the disc... that new game smell when you unwrap the game... lOl as for me trading in games... EVERY multiplat game will be disc for me, because I don't trust these devs games like watch dogs and bf4 made that decision clear, so I can get back some of my losses atleast. As for my PSE's i'll never trade them in just like last gen. I still have heavenly sword (to name a classic :D)

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AstroCyborg1729d ago

plus us who pre order on psn get extra content

C-H-E-F1729d ago

You'll get the same content i'm getting from amazon on psn...

Insomnia_841729d ago

Who the f compares fps with screens? A VIDEO comparison is more appropriate. Comparing resolution with screens is fine but fps makes no sense unless the comparison is done with a video.

Bathyj1729d ago

I think theyre looking to see if going to 60fps effects the graphics quality at all. If it did it would be worth knowing that.

BitbyDeath1729d ago

Yea but when the pictures are of moving shadows it makes sense for the 60fps to look different in a still picture.... it moves more.

yezz1729d ago

There was an article saying that the 30fps mode should have HQ shadows but I can't really see a difference based on these screens..

1729d ago
NeoGamer2321729d ago

Agreed. Graphical fidelity is more about resolution. Frame rate is about smoothness of gameplay.

Although you typically won't see a difference between 30 fps and 60 fps you will feel a difference.

Really 30 fps vs 60 fps cannot be shown via internet video. You actually have to experience the difference.

It really doesn't matter anyhow. As long as the game is locked in at or above 30 fps, it is just fine! It is when you fall below 30 fps that things start to affect the experience.

Gratisfaction1729d ago

The shadows really aren't a big change in between 30 fps to 60 fps.

CocoWolfie1729d ago

ooh and remember the 'the last of us live' thingy is in like 24 hours too if your interested (someone reminded me so hopefully i can return the favor to anyone who cares :3)

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