Extreme Gamer reviews Ninja Gaiden 2

ExtremeGamer reports:

''Returning to the Ninja Gaiden series is game development wizards, Team Ninja. Team Ninja who is also famous for their fast action and buxom cast of ladies in Dead or Alive hasn't lost their flair for the ample looking females, or smooth combat sequences. From the opening sequence of Ninja Gaiden II you will be introduced to the latex bound CIA agent Sonia Saunters, and then thrown into some fast paced combat. In standard game formula, Sonia quickly becomes a plot character who gets the adventure rolling when she is kidnapped by a gang of ninja thugs (The Black Spider Clan). This ques Ryu Hayabusa to return to the picture to save the damsel-in-distress which is only a subplot in something much larger inolving. Falling deeper into unpredictable trouble Ryu has to deal with a few univited fiends that have joined the Black Spider Clan in its pursuit for power. Ninja Gaiden II doesn't have the most interesting storyline, but it does the job good enough to give gamers enough reason to keep the kill count rising.''

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