The BBC Explains – Three Minutes Of Condescension And Bias

One of the biggest problems which video games face outside gaming communities is the adamant refusal to see them as a legitimate media. We’ve seen this many times before, between being scapegoated for killings to being openly mocked by critics of other “legitimate” forms of media. Now it’s happened again, this time with the BBC putting a negative spin on and e-sports. The video covering the subject lasts only three-and-a-half minutes and does contain a few relevant points of information, but on the whole it does a very bad job at truly informing the public about what the scene is like. Or, for that matter, even doing so in an unbiased manner.

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OC_MurphysLaw1956d ago

So 3 1/2 min of wasted time?

WeAreLegion1956d ago

Misinformation is the problem here.