Eurogamer: Far Cry 2 Preview

Eurogamer writes: "Far Cry 2 is not overshadowed by Crysis and is not a helpless attempt by Ubisoft to milk money out of the brand. The heart of this first-person shooter sequel-by-a-different-developer is choice - choice in a big free world. Not a particularly original idea; most current-gen reboots boast the same sort of premise. But it's enough to set Far Cry on its very own unknown course - one with a rather surprising amount of role-playing mechanics, buddy characters, vehicles and malaria.

That's not Africa you're seeing, either, but a fictional land modelled on the enormous and troubled continent. "We never named the country," Patrick Redding, Far Cry 2 narrative designer and our host during a recent hands-on, tells us. 'There's two reasons for that: one, we didn't want to obviously deal with all the complexities of a modern conflict in Africa, but also there really isn't one country in Africa that has all of the environments we wanted. So for us there were definitely advantages to having a fictitious setting.'"

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Anemeros3835d ago

The Map Editor is the most exciting thing about FarCry. I was an avid mapmaker in Instincts, Evolution and Predator. The editor single-handily kept that dying online community alive, and Ubisoft failed to realize how important it was. Hopefully, this time around, they will give the mapmaking community the support it deserves.

tony3835d ago

have me all excited. this will be really good.