Capcom Aiming To Reduce Development Cycles For Major Franchises and More

According to a recent Q & A briefing listing some of the questions asked at Capcom's Briefing of Financial Results, it appears that there is a main goal of reducing development cycles of the company's major franchises.

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MrSwankSinatra1967d ago

See this is the type of crap that got crapcom into their financial slump in the first place. Making stupid descisions exactly like this. If they honestly think that shortening development time even more and pumping these games out even faster is going to change their fortunes, well they're sadly mistaken. People want games that are well produced, not rushed garbage and this goes for capcom especially. Ever since last generation its been mistakes over and over, whomever is running this company needs to fired immediately before their situation gets worse than what it already is.


So true. If all youve been producing over the past few years has been crap, why would you think spending even less time refining games before releasing them is a good idea? Aside from the success of Street Fighter IV, Capcom hasnt released a single damn noteworthy game this past gen. Maybe dead rising but even thats sort of a toss up based on critical performance.

to think capcom was once such a heavy hitter. I dont even think i want to see another RE announcement to be honest. Not unless RE7 spends A LOTTTT more time cooking in the oven first.

HiddenMission1967d ago

You dont know what your talking about Dragons Dogma was a smash hit for them and like it or not RE6 sold really well and I'm one who loved my buy. You come off as one of those followers who just says what others who hate Capcom would say.

Dont like their stuff dont buy its clear millions of others do just look at the sales. Their money problems is not its games its their spending. Is monster hunter a failure think not...try again.

dcj05241967d ago

Dragon's Dogma? Dead Rising? Good games indeed.

k-dillinger1967d ago


Im with you ppl just love hopping on the ban wagon
I loved RE6 nothing was wrong with it we gotta start as gamers getting rid of the bias gamers that flame online its bringing the industry down


okay guys, rather than jumping down my throat for not mentioning dragons dogma, how about you all actually take a second to consider why im saying what im saying?

Bionic Commando
lost planet(s) 2, 3
resident evils Raccoon city, 5, 6
Dark void (published)

capcom games were literally some of the first i had ever played with the SNES. go ahead and assume im on some hate-train while your company continues to plummet $$$ into projects no one cares about.

MrSwankSinatra1967d ago

@Hidden Mission More like you have no clue what you're talking about. RE6 did not sell well based of capcom's own projections. Not only was it critical failure, but was also a commercial failure for capcom themselves. Hell they've come and said this themselves. Dragon's Dogma is one game out of the countless games that have under performed for capcom. Devil May Cry 4, Bionic Commando, DmC: Devil May Cry, Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom, Street Fighter X Tekken, Remember Me, Dark Void, Lost Planet 2, Lost Planet 3, Resident Evil 6, etc. How about you actually do some research before trying to correct somebody.

BTW if you honestly liked Resident Evil 6 then not only do you have poor standards for storytelling, but you probably have even worse standards when it comes to actual gameplay. It's universally known that RE6 is not even up to par for an average third person shooter. I'm going to guess your one of those gamers that based the quality of a game off your Co-op experience LOL. what a joke.......

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XiSasukeUchiha1967d ago

Why just why Capcom Sigh!!!

cfc781967d ago

Used to rate Capcom highly made some great games in the past like Resident Evil/Dino Crisis being two of my fav's but these days it's all about dragging their tired ass out the swamp with mediocre average games being spewed out of every orifice and now this,i'd love to see Capcom get back to the good times but i only see more bad times ahead.

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