Destiny: List of All the 22 Missions, 6 Strikes, 4 Areas,11 Crucible Maps and More Discovered So Far

Destiny’s beta is close to its end, even if all was said by Bungie is a “today” estimation, and Reddit user KingOfCarrotFlowers put together a list of all the maps and missions that have been discoverd thus far after being datamined from the beta and companion app.

It’s important to keep in mind that this list is not necessarily complete, since more could be added before release, and it has to be considered only a rumor, because of the nature of datamining. It’s not information officially released by Bungie, so it should be taken with a grain of salt.

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admiralvic1728d ago

Like I mentioned before, I really hope there is more than 1 raid at launch or I will be a little disappointed. Also not thrilled by the other rumor flying around that there will be multiple ghost designs, since that was one of the big selling points Bungie was trying to push with the CE.

averagejoe261728d ago

Rumor about additional ghost designs? The ghost has its own equipment slot. Clearly, there will be other ghost designs.

admiralvic1728d ago

"Rumor about additional ghost designs? "

Beyond the white and red collectors edition one.

"The ghost has its own equipment slot. Clearly, there will be other ghost designs."

Again, we already knew there would be two, so the slots made sense. It also makes sense for there to be multiple slots for future DLC or something alone those lines.

With that being said, my comment about the ghost was mostly based off the IGN unboxing of the CE located here ( ). If you skip to 1:35, Eric Osborne (Community Lead / Writer) says "it's not just the regular ghost you get in the game, it's a special skin, a special shell" and after that Lorraine McLees (Graphic designer & illustrator) makes the comment "so everybody else will get a white one and you'll get this red one." These two comments strongly suggest / imply that there will be a white one (everyone) and a red one (CE). This is also reenforced by them calling the ship a "variant" and the emblem is simply referred to as being "super exclusive," though neither has that same black and white statements you see with the ghost.

JP13691727d ago

Admiral - it doesn't imply that the content is an either/or situation, but in addition to. So you'll still have your exclusive CE ghost in addition to the others in the game.

NatureOfLogic_1728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

They should add a matchmaking system for PvE like FF14 ARR. I also think a different story progression path for each class or race would go a long way.

admiralvic1728d ago

"They should add a matchmaking system for PvE like FF14 ARR."

Strike missions have a matchmaking system and I believe you can invite people to join your party at the tower or on the map. Never tried, but I recall there being an "invite to strike team" option when you interacted with someone.

cleft51728d ago

Absolutely. Not everyone has 3 or however many other people to play with initially, but that doesn't mean we don't want to play with others. That was very frustrating and I hope they change that.

PeaSFor1728d ago

I really hope there is more than 1 raid at launch or .... the ps4 version have an exclusive yeah theres more than one raid.

admiralvic1728d ago

"the ps4 version have an exclusive yeah theres more than one raid."

Where did you get that information?

"At launch, PS4 and PS3 owners will get exclusive access to a unique co-op Strike located on Mars, an exclusive competitive map, and a slew of exclusive guns, gear, and ships."

I see strike, but I don't see raid. I also see mention that the DLC packs have timed content Sony side, but thats not at launch, nor can I find any details as to what it is or the DLC for that matter.

KingKelloggTheWH1728d ago

There is two raids confirmed, and that's just from the Beta code.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1727d ago

There are like quite a few available slots for designs so I assume there would be more than 1 extra design. Calm yourself.

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XiSasukeUchiha1728d ago

Destiny will be an fun game for sure!

DoomeDx1728d ago

Do you ever have something interesting to say? You always respond with the exact same thing.

'' *insert game* is going to be great! '' even if the article is about a bug.. Or a huge flaw.

dcj05241728d ago

Can't the man express his opinion on things.

inf3cted11728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

No, he has over five thousand comments and one bubble. He just keeps posting because he has nothing better to do. He might just save phrases on a notepad and copy paste them

16bitNutritionist1728d ago

@infected1 No? What so ur telling someone how to spend there time on the internet, some people have serious issues.

inf3cted11728d ago

Well if you think that talking to yourself with more than 3 accounts is something normal then I will be off

MysticStrummer1728d ago

His opinion on the game is more interesting than your opinion of how he conveys it.

Madderz1727d ago


Ohhhhhhhhhhh damnnnnnn

Want some aloe vera for that BURNNNNNNNNNNNN?

inf3cted11727d ago (Edited 1727d ago )

What kind of burn are you talking about?

Well actually with his amount of disagrees I find my comment to be more interesting

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cleft51728d ago

I hope so, the 22 missions for the campaign has me a bit worried.

Gozer1728d ago

Me too. 22 Story missions is weak for an rpg, especially as short as the Story missions were in the beta.

Corpser1728d ago

Don't be true ! Or I'll be bored with the game after a week

BiggCMan1728d ago


Is anyone feeling a little lied to with Destiny? I mean, right when the game was revealed up until the Beta even.

I think MOST people imagined a game on such a grand scale. Wanting to explore the entire Solar System with massive areas on each planet. Loads of stuff to find and explore.

It's seeming more and more like Destiny is just another 8 hour shooter game where competitive will be the go-to thing afterwards.

I'm losing a little faith in this game after this news, and especially this article from earlier.

The worst part is that the game is REALLY well made otherwise. A very smooth experience for me on PS4, amazing graphics, very polished and fun gameplay. But these 2 pieces of information are really making me upset.

cleft51728d ago

Yeah I thought this was going to be a huge game with 100s of hours of unique content on top of a ton of reliability. It seems now that Destiny is a bit slim. I hope I am wrong, but if this is all the content there is than I need to see how long it takes to actually finish the content. Otherwise I see a scenario where I am done with Destiny in 1 or 2 weeks taking a leisurely pace.

Menkyo1728d ago

Just because there is one spot or map on each planet doesn't mean that is the only spots there will be. They have already stated there will be 2 expansion after release and this game is supposed to be going on for 10 years, it will most likely get updates like WOW or other MMORPGS.

BiggCMan1728d ago


The 10 year plan people are referring to are about sequels dude.

This SINGLE Destiny game will not be a 10 year thing, you can stop believing that. That is like saying a single Halo or Call of Duty game would be going on 10 year runs.

With all of this recent news, Destiny now seems to have the same amount of content as both of those games, and that is severely disappointing to me and a lot of people. 22 story mission?

So we're getting possibly an 8 to 10 hour game, and then going straight to competitive.

Sounds exactly like Halo and CoD to me.

Shadonic1728d ago

I'm waiting until I see some gameplay from the full version not to mention what new daily content they've been talking about they'll be adding every day again along with all of the stuff that was blocked off from us plus considering this stuffs going off of what we got in the beta only and some other methods it fails to point out the purposes for other areas like the 2 bunker locations and stuff. At this point its also clouded in mystery as well and of course people will treat it as undeniable fact so bad news for destiny even if this isn't the full truth.

Sevir1728d ago

Ummm... Most everyone who's been on the beta when it launched on PS4 and PS3 have clocked in close to 35-40 hours already. And that's with a level cap of 8 and only half of Old Russia to explore. Clearly there's going to be more time eaten away with full game. I've clocked 38 hours with only One class. What's everyone complaining about, theirs more to explore... We'be been granted 10% of the full experience and it's already more content that most single and multiplayer focus games. Tell me how complete is Titan Fall or EVOLVE compared to this!?

Some people feel the need to complain. Don't for get that the 2 expansions are massive And then there's exclusive DLC just for PS3 and PS4 that'll be available giving weapons, more loot, more gear, and a Strike and a Raid. All this seems like just the tip of the iceberg...

Again we've barely explored all of Old Russia but we're complaining that what's rumored is too small? Are we just complaining just to complain?

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Rob_Ko1728d ago

only 22 misiions? wtf, this seems really small. Where's the goddamn lore?

averagejoe261728d ago

You realize this is talking about the beta, right?

Randostar1728d ago

What mars and Venus missions did you play on the beta?

Rob_Ko1728d ago

dude next time read at loud something before you post. There was no 22 missions in the beta, no 16 pvp maps, no Mars and Venus. Think dude, think

Emerald_Weapon161728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

Hmmm...this info was mined from the beta so he is correct....perhaps you are the one who needs to "think dude, think."

Bungie would not have you download the entire game to play a beta...and clearly its not the full game as we can tell from its relatively small install size.

Not to mention, bungie said they didn't have concrete plans for the beta. So, it makes more sense that they let us download a lot of extra stuff in case they wanted to reveal that to us during the beta.

Think dude, think.

Abriael1728d ago

"discovered so far"

Keyword: "So far." There might be more.

firelogic1728d ago

How about you slow your roll son. This info was data mined from the beta. You couldn't actually play it in the beta but the data was there. And as this is info mined from BETA code, it's not representative of the final product. Bungie is setting this up to be MMORPG-like with tons of replay/end-game content. It's not going to have a paltry 22 missions. And they've said that every planet in our solar system will be represented. This info only shows earth, venus, mars, and mercury.

Jesus. Everyone's whining about a free goddamn beta is annoying.

Emerald_Weapon161728d ago

My thoughts EXACTLY. Unbelievable...

Shadonic1728d ago

So in a sense what we have with all these comments expressing disappointment is similar to people being disappointing with the non inclusions of a specific map in one of the DBZ games that like the info here was Data mined and pulled up but did not get into the final product?

KingKelloggTheWH1728d ago

The info is only from the code within the Beta, which is very much not complete. It's likely we are seeing a list from old code that could have as little as half the missions.

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Randostar1728d ago

Ok so im becoming more and more nervous about this game.
If level 20 is the max level, thats dumb.
Only 3 planets and a moon to explore?
I really hope this is just the tip of the iceberg, Bungie kept talking about how massive this game is. Please don't disappoint bungie.

adamscattam1728d ago

That's exactly how I feel. Nervous.the more and more rumors and speculation I hear the more and more I feel the game isn't going to meet the expectations I set so high for it. Only one location to explore on each planet and now this?? That's not enough to keep going for 10 years, not even 1! They have to have something up there sleeves.

KingKelloggTheWH1728d ago

The 20 level thing is a soft level cap, you can go beyond it. Heck in some footage you can see guys with levels higher then that.

Stapleface1727d ago

I have definitely seen players beyond level 20 in game play footage. The thing about the other planets, is that they have moons as well. The other moons could very well have maps just like Earth's. Considering the other planets have more than one moon, Saturn having 62 with around 150 moonlets, though we won't count the moonlets as they won't have enough area for a map. There could end up being quite a bit and I hope there is. I doubt we will see all of this at launch, but likely through expansion packs later. If they want this game to last as long as they have said (10 years) they are going to have to really expand this game. I'd like to see it go beyond our own solar system in the future as well.

SaveFerris1727d ago

That would be great if Bungie have plans for additional areas not just on the planets, but also some of the moons. Jupiter or its moons could be interesting to explore, as would Mercury (supposedly turned into a 'garden world' by the Traveller) and great cities on Venus and Mars. Eventually we should be able to gather resources to travel beyond the Solar System and take on the source of the 'enemy'.