The Bourne Conspiracy (PS3) Review from The Gamers Temple

Jason Nimer writes:

''This review, for The Bourne Conspiracy on the PS3, will strictly be about the game itself and the only mention of the films, or Robert Ludlum novels, will be right here - Jason Bourne, in this game, looks absolutely, positively nothing like Matt Damon. Is that a positive or a negative? I guess that depends on how much you enjoyed the films and whether or not you are a big Damon fan. Ok, now onto the game.

The Bourne Conspiracy has a lot going for it. The action looks great, the fighting uses a simplistic, though usually effective, system and the story is full of twists, turns and international intrigue. There are some hiccups here and there, most of which grow in annoyance the longer you play the game, but lets go through the high points first.''

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NaViTo3879d ago

Thsi game looks good and I was a fun of the movies, think I will rent it.