Should Microsoft sell off the Xbox brand?

Since Microsoft made the decision to cut the Kinect from the Xbox One you may have heard reports that sales of the console have more than doubled, but this is just a clever marketing spin to paint the Xbox One in a more favorable light.

Despite the Xbox One’s price drop the PS4 outpaced it by 36% in June. Microsoft is trying its hardest to hide the fact that sales for 2014 have been so poor, that they’ve been selling from their surplus inventory and have barely had to manufacture new consoles.

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masterfox1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

I don't think the xbox brand is that important, how many franchises are popular besides Halo and Gears ?, and also MS is just killing its own brand slowly with the release of the xbone, seriously that thing isn't future proof one bit.

badboyz091961d ago ShowReplies(14)
Magicite1961d ago

Compared to Nintendo and Playstation, Xbox is irrelevant.

turdburgler10801960d ago

Your comment makes absolutely no sense.

troylazlow1960d ago

remember when the PS3 launched at $600...

yah it had some problems...

remember when multi plats were worse of the PS3...

yah it had some issues...

this isn't the end guys, things can change with the drop of a hat.

you cannot kill a system when it's not even a year old, stop with the doom and gloom. besides where would playstation be without Xbox?

UltraNova1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )


I agree with you but do not for a minute mistake MS's (xbox) significance with Sony's(PS)!

The PS3 made the come-back and won (at least it came 2nd) purely because it offered games games, services and more games. The PS brand is with no equal!

What can MS do to make that kind of a thing? Release Halo and Gears on a yearly basis? Even that wouldn't be enough!

Personally, I cant in my right mind see MS winning over anything at all this gen. Who knows maybe next gen they can do all the right things form the start, but even then Sony is already doing them all and they can only up their game when MS does, negating their efforts.

Its really hard for MS and based on history alone they deserve this and at this point its a shame for their supporters really.

tbone5671960d ago

Sony needs to sell PS more than MS needs to sell Xbox. Just speaking as a business professional.

PX541960d ago


Look at the 'from launch' sales for both the PS3 and 360 - the PS3 consistently outsold the 360. The annual comparisons are inaccurate because the PS3 was always 1 year behind in sales, but if you look at the since launch sales the PS3 did better than the 360.
year 1 - PS3 70K+ more units sold
year 2 - PS3 1.1M+ more units sold
year 3 - PS3 2.4M+ more units sold
year 4 - PS3 2.1M+ more units sold
year 5 - PS3 3.5M+ more units sold
year 6 - PS3 1.1M+ more units sold
In those 6 years the PS3 sold nearly 10.5M more units than the 360 - there was nothing wrong with it's launch

XB1_PS41960d ago

Holy shit, this thread. The fanboy force is strong in you people.

This is an honest question that I really want to know the answer to.

Why do you feel the need to belittle a product that other people like?

Every time you think of an insult, you should go play your PS4. If you really believe that it's that much better, then playing it would be the biggest insult to Xbox fans there is.

As an owner of both, everyone who says that Xbox is so much worse is just looking at some bullshit numbers. I play it, and I enjoy it. That's all that matters. I play my PS4, and I enjoy that too. That's the point of this. You people take alliances with major corporations like they're your personal friends.

I've got news for you. They act nice to be relatable, so you buy their shit and make them money. You really don't think Sony wouldn't have as much DRM as they could if people wouldn't make an uproar? They would definitely do that. It's good for business. They seemed so Anti-DRM because they're not dumb, they played off of MS's bad card.

UltraNova1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )


You might as well be the perfect subject of a capitalistic country...Why? Because you are obviously bothered that people get to call out the shit entities with controlling power are trying to force on the public!
Speaking for myself here I will never accept shit like DRM and shut up about it and when Sony tries something similar I will be the first guy who’ll rip them a new one!

PS: "I've got news for you. They act nice to be relatable, so you buy their shit and make them money. You really don't think Sony wouldn't have as much DRM as they could if people wouldn't make an uproar? They would definitely do that. It's good for business. They seemed so Anti-DRM because they're not dumb, they played off of MS's bad card."

Thank God for you Captain Obvious!

Edit: @tbone567

Ok... Why should a company sell one if not the only money making division of theirs?

Jesus you people are something else... gotta love opinions, especially the professional ones ;-)!

choujij1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

The problem with them selling is I doubt any company would be willing to pay the price they'd want for it. That said, if they did ever strike a deal, then I'd say totally yes. Hopefully the new owner would do away with the greedy practices such as parity clauses, and consistently pump money into creating a greater variety of exclusive games. Ones that don't launch alongside PC or end up over there. And it would have to be a company with a good track record, so gamers could really embrace them, without ever worrying they'll have the carpet pulled from under them and be taken advantage of.

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fr0sty1961d ago

I think that the brand needs to live on, just not under Microsoft's control

Gekko361960d ago

@fr0sty - Thank christ you're just a user on a soulless site like this, just some bloke in a pub spouting rubbish.

Microsoft built the xbox brand from the ground up and it's great. It's their's, they didn't buy it they built it.

Sony did the same with Playstation but despite their serious financial problems, nobody is suggesting the same for them.

One of the many reasons I support Xbox is to loosen the death grip the Japanese have on the gaming industry. Competition is great.

Maybe is Amazon, Apple and co did the same as MS, gaming would be even better for the industry.

UltraNova1960d ago


Imagine if xbox got sold to either Amazon or Apple it would be called something like FireBox or iBox/iConsole respectively...

Seriously now, MS should never sell the xbox so lets cut the crap.

mixolydian_id1960d ago

Should sony sell off there money losing assets?

fr0sty1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Yes, as should any company. Keeping assets that have done nothing but lose money makes no sense. The Xbox brand went 4 billion in the hole with Xbox One and never was able to get enough steam behind it under Microsoft's control to get out of that initial debt.

They have made fumble after fumble with the brand. They took their only chance at real mainstream success and pissed it away by trying to force DRM down everyone's throat, then lying about kinect, etc. Even today they are stubbornly refusing to give in on some key issues, especially regarding indies and paywalls.

Microsoft needs to focus on software, they always fail at hardware. They could pump out some awesome games for Xbox, even as an exclusive developer for the brand, but I don't think they need to be in control of the hardware element of it.

I'd like to see hardware choices being made by companies with hardware expertise. I'd like to see an Nvidia console, IBM console, apple console, consoles from companies that have experience putting out high performance hardware of their own, not companies that have experience making software. These are the people I'd like to see compete with Sony and Nintendo. Microsoft has never proven itself in the hardware space, and their execs are starting to take notice.

If I were MS, I'd sell off Xbox hardware design to another company that is good at that sort of thing, and then I'd work out a deal to be the OS provider for the console. Then I'd still have a foot in the door when it comes to dominance of the digital living room, but I wouldn't be taking risks in a field where my company has never done well before. I'd focus all my effort on making the best living room and gaming OS ever made, having the best network and cloud infrastructure to support it, and I'd also focus a lot of attention on acquiring new studios to make software for that console... a second party studio that also put out PC games.

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IVanSpinal1961d ago

Killzone is big to you? XD

RosweeSon1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

Nope but then what launch games are these people going yay dead rising 3 forza and other boring crap that Microsoft offer for launch, there gonna be talked about as great games in 4/5 years time, no chance there average at best now and the only reason they get mentioned is they are launch titles and there's nothing else out on it, not saying the ps4 launch games were better they probably weren't but killzone came with the console the rest were free to play or free through ps+ and at the end of the day not only will the exclusives be better with Sony this gen in my opinion but all the multiplatform games are gonna be 1080p Standard!! Not worries on that front yet each and every xbox one game will come under scrutiny is it 1080p nope, good luck and have fun with that. Xbox (D)One. ;) not to mention ps4 is already getting the better of the exclusive dlc deals and all around offering a better and cheaper service but hey ho some people like burning their money.

mayberry1961d ago

Killzone is BOSS! Reprts of its demise have been greatly exaggerated.....

Pogmathoin1961d ago

Xbox smashed Sony's PS world domination..... Yes, Xbox is a major flop..... It only shook PS to its core.....

C0MPUT3R1960d ago

Nope. Sony shot themselves in the foot at the start of the PS3.
Little by little they have taken back the market.

MysticStrummer1960d ago

"Xbox smashed Sony's PS world domination…"

The Wii did that more than 360 did, Sony themselves helped things along, and 360's numbers were at least a little inflated by RRoD, but go ahead and ignore reality if it makes you happy.

OT - XB isn't a core part of MS's business, they said it themselves, so to answer the title's question… Maybe. Only MS can know what they expect from the XB brand, so only MS can know if it's performing well enough. Even if they spin it off, it probably won't go away.

Saphodravingo1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

You couldn't possibly be this stupid. Have you been living under a rock for the last ten years or do you just willfully choose to be an ignoramus? Microsoft has a much better online infrastructure. They're much better at building relationships with third-party publishers of AAA games. And because of this relationshp, their first to lock down timed exclusives, and first to receive DLC. Not to mention Microsoft had more first-party exclusives at or near launch(Ryse, Dead Rising 3, Forza, Killer Instinct, and Titan Fall--with more coming out this year.)

Unlike Sony, who's vast majority of games have been pushed back into next year. Leaving PS4 owners with nothing to play but an ass-ton of indy games, Infamous: Second Son (admittedly pretty, but boring as all get out) and a remaster *cough*CASH-IN!*cough* of a 9 month old game that doesn't deserve nearly as much praise as the fanboys would have you believe. I guess an archaic inventory system, broken AI, constant drops in frame rate, sound bugs, shit camera, iffy controls, and the writers willingness to completely drop or otherwise ingnore their own rules (Wait. So it's imperative to wear a gas mask when sneaking through a derelict building that houses an infected corpse giving off spores. But it's not when handling a Clicker corpse that spews fungus spores in your face when you pry it off the door of an office building? Or during a Bloater attack in a gymnasium? Deeeerp) constitutes as a masterpiece these days. "But what about the story?" cried countless Sony fanboys everywhere. And to them I say: Oh, you mean the story Neil Druckman (poorly) hijacked from Cormac McCarthy's 'The Road'? Read a book.

You people tend to forget that it wasn't that long ago when Microsoft was practically steamrolling the competion, thanks to their willingness to innovate and take risks. One of those risks was investing in the as yet proven indy scene you Sony fanboys naivly lord over the entire gaming community. Clinging to it like a life raft. "Microsoft doesn't give a shit about indies!" Games like Braid, Limbo and Castle Crashers got their start on the Xbox 360. Eventually paving the way for other Indy developers who gave us games like Super Meat Boy, Dishwasher Samurai, 'Splosion Man etc. It was BECAUSE of Microsoft that indy developers were given a platform. And that trend continues today.

Not future proof? The Xbox One was built with the future in mind. I don't know if you've noticed, but the landscape for gaming has changed to be more all inclusive when it comes to delivering entertainment. That means more than just being able to play games. It means embracing current trends like social media, video streaming, mobile integration, etc. Just by establishing partnerships with the likes of the UFC, NFL, NBA, MLB and MLG, as well as the relationships they continue to maintain overseas, Microsoft is ensuring their future.

And before you accuse me of being an "Xbot", or whatever the hell dumb-ass name you nerds concocted, know that I take no side in your made up console war. I'm a gamer. Simple as that. If it looks kick-ass, I'm gonna play it. Regardless of what system it's on. What I won't do is pop up on various threads like the turd that won't flush, just to declare a system I don't like, and have no intention of buying, a flop 8 months into its lifecycle. Now, back under the bridge with you, troll. And take the 58 dingleberries you brought with you.

PX541960d ago

"They're much better at building relationships with third-party publishers of AAA games"

in other words they have much more money to throw at games developers to prevent them from going multi-platform, nothing to do with good relationships building

jnemesh1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Where to start? Well, lets start with your list of "exclusives". I am not interested in a SINGLE one of the launch games that came out for the XB1. Yes, Sony had a weak launch lineup too...but touting Ryse as a great example? Wow. Thats a reach. Personally, i will add that I thoroughly enjoyed Infamous: Second Son. I thought it was a great game for the money...and I am looking forward to "First Light" this fall as well. Different strokes, man.

So you don't like "The Last of Us"? Ok, fine. But don't call out Sony for a "rehash" when all of the other Xbox fans are saying Halo 1-4 is going to be a huge system seller. You can't have it both ways. If "remasters" suck, they suck for BOTH platforms!

"Future proof"? Don't make me laugh. The Xbox is SEVERELY UNDERPOWERED compared to the PS4. Oh, and Sony is going to make a VR a reality with Morpheus. What's Xbox got? CABLE integration? A bunch of apps like Netflix and Hulu that the PS has as well? (or that you can get with a $35 chromecast!) "Multimedia" is NOT a great reason to plunk down $400-$500 for a console!

Also, I could care less if MS is sponsoring MLG. NFL, NBA and MLB? Not exclusive, but I could care less if they sponsor those BUSINESSES either. It is NOT going to result in better sports GAMES, so who really cares??

Yes, I am accusing you, flat out, of being an "Xbot". Only an Xbot would defend a markedly inferior console like you are in your post. Before you call others "troll", you should look in the mirror, because your post reeks of trolling, whether you acknowledge it or not!

Do you know WHY myself and others here keep calling for MS to get out of the game? Its because they released a DEEPLY flawed, underpowered console, and are still touting it like it's the best option! They are serving up SHIT and calling it steak! THAT is why they get so much hate this gen!

JeffGUNZ1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

@ PX54

Yeah man it's business. How do you think Sony landed the deal with Bungie/Activision? You think they came over their house with freshly baked cupcakes?

Come on. It's ALL about money. MS has the money to give and the money to promote these games, Like COD and Titanfall, which leads to more sales, so ofcourse the developers like MS for that.

@ Jnemesh

Don't compare TLOU remaster to the Halo MC collection. TLOU is about a year old and Halo 2 was on the OG Xbox. Halo 2 was the footing to console online competitive shooters and sparked the revolution of FPS that we have now. The MC collection brings ALL halo games to the Xbox one, which will help sell consoles and will allow people to play all halo games, get access to the miniseries, and beta access for Halo 5. TLOU was an AMAZING game and I'm sure the update looks beautiful, but come on, comparing Halo's collection to TLOU is a stretch.

Also, learn about the specs before you comment. The xbox one is not SEVERELY UNDERPOWERED like you claim. The PS4 has the edge in specs, but to gap you're imaging his not true. Look at Destiny beta ps4 and the video of the X1 running 1080, it looks nearly identifcal. The fact people say they see differences in the shadow of a leaf thirty yards in the background shows the gap isn't as vast as you claim. If it were severely weaker, it would look last gen and completely different. It doesn't man, they are EXTREMELY close. How you can say it's a vast difference, since it's SEVERELY OVERPOWERED, boggles my mind.

Also, maybe Multimedia isn't a good reason for YOU, but for a lot of people it is. The trend now is clear, a lot of people are cutting the chord with cable and living on streaming. I got rid of cable years ago and have been streaming everything. Having my favorites apps on my gaming console is a huge selling point to me.

Stop trolling brother, the two bubbles and your comment history clearly reflect that. I'm glad you like your Playstation, it's a fantastic console, but your hate towards anyone with opposing opinions is startling. I have an X1 only right now, will def get a PS when Uncharted 4 releases (hpoefully a limited edition console!), but I chose X1 knowing it is slightly behind in power, but that doesn't matter to me. I like Gears, Forza, and the community of friends I have established on Live, so why wouldn't I want to continue forward with that? You make it sound like people are walking into stores and picking a console with their eyes closed. People just have different opinions, you shouldn't get so mad about it.

Saphodravingo1960d ago

@PX54-Do you know of a better way to run a business. Because if you do, I'm sure Microsoft would just love to hear it. Part of building and maintaining a business relationship is providing your partners with stability. And part of ensuring that stability is being able to provide the financial backing needed to keep things running smoothly and efficiently. This isn't some new concept invented by Microsoft to push more units, or con you out of your hard earned money. Companies big and small (including Sony and Nintendo) employ this strategy on a regular basis, and have done so for quite some time. Despite what you might think, businesses don't run on unicorn farts and fairy dust.

@jnemesh-Regardless of whether or not you're interested in XB1's library of games, it doesn't change the fact the Microsoft had more first-party exclusives available at launch. Consequently, how is listing 'Ryse' as a launch title considered a "reach", if the game launched with the system? It's a statement of fact.

And I never said "Rehashes suck." I believe the word I used was "Remaster". And I was referring to the PS4's limited library when compaired to the XB1's in terms of variety.

And the XB1 is not as "severely underpowered" as you, and many others have assumed based on secondhand information. It's a system that continues to excel and improve everyday, thanks to Microsofts stance on including the consumer in the ongoing development process. Another way in which Microsoft is ensuring its future.

You use graphical power and the 90's pipe dream known as VR (Yeah. That already happened.)to argue that the PS4 is a more capable machine than the XB1, without fully realizing that eventually, the gap in graphical performance will be less significant, and VR will quietly fade away like the passing fad it is. When you're contending with things like people complaining about headaches, motion sickness, vertigo, and tripping over the coffee table, not only are you sure to fail, but you open yourself up to a lawsuit. And the last thing Sony needs is another lawsuit.

And the business partnerships I mentioned aren't meant to result in a better sports game. They're meant to expand the Xbox brand through advertising and sponsorships. More sponsorships means more money. More money means productivity. And so on, and so forth.

PX541958d ago

They're not throwing money at people to run a business, they're throwing money at them to prevent the opposition from functioning.

Anyway i didn't say that the money was an issue, i was stating that the money has nothing to do with how 'good' their relationship is with them. You said they were better at building a relationship - when plenty of developers have commended Sony their relationships and others have also criticised Microsoft - while still working with them. Money has nothing to do with them being 'better' at building relationships. You throw enough money at something you can make anything happen.

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Azzanation1960d ago

Why sell it off? Xbox is Xbox, MS just fund the company. Who better to fund a company then one of the richest in the world? Xbox would be worse if MS wasn't behind the wheel. Imagine PS if Sony sold them off to a rich company like Google or Apple? More funds into there division is a good thing. Don't believe me, just look at the money behind Halo franchise - Games, TV series, Movies, Toys? Wont get that anywhere else.

GordonKnight1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Microsoft could outright buy Sony. If all of Sony's other departments continue in their downward trend, then someone will buy them. Hopefully, they can split off the PlayStation brand from the rest of Sony before that happens though.

DJStotty1960d ago

forza, fable, project gotham racing, alan wake there's another 4 franchises to add to your list and thats just ip's from the 360 that doesnt include quantum break, sunset overdrive, titanfall and other unnannounces ip's so yeah quite a few are popular

tee_bag2421960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Future proof is a bad choice of words from an PS4 fanboy. The PS4 is about about 30% more future proof. Both are under 2 Teraflops which nothing to brag about - and in not power to spare.

Honestly PS4 has no games to brag about right now and all you fanboy's seem to being doing is sitting around holding your tiny pricks waiting for promises of AAA games in 2015 and bashing X1 owners when decent games come their way.
I don't own either of these newer consoles..I'm on PC. I'll probably pick up a X1 if Forza 6 is good and maybe a PS4 is GT7 is good.

dcbronco1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

It's amazing that so many people that seem to mill around on this sight all day have so little knowledge about howmoney is actually made in gaming. Anyone that thinks microsoft isn't making money should have their heads examined. And as far as gaming not being important to Microsoft please explain to me why they set aside 1 billion each for gaming and a entertainment studio to support their gaming console. On top of the salaries they spent on bringing heavy hitter talent to the studio.

Then factor in the money to heavily modify the APU in the Xbox One. Designing new chips doesn't come cheap. It's estimated at anywhere from 300,000,000 to 1,000,000,000. Then add 300,000 servers for Live and cloud computer. Whatever the Cloud altimately provides is not relevant, they made the investment.


Microsft was clear when they announced the Xbox that they would lose money for the first two or three generations in order to build a foothold in the industry. Guess what, they were wrong. The Xbox 360 has made a ton of money and eclipsed any losses fron the original. If you don't understand how simply use the internet and research how you cut cost in console manufacturing. Then look at the redesigns of the 360. Look at articles that show the console was nearly profitable per unit in 2007. And was in 2008. And became increasing profitable with the slim model. And they have only done one true price drop for 8 years. $399 to $299. Yet you think they are losing money.

So if they make money on each console, plus $10 for each game sold on the console, plus Live fees. Where is it you seem to see them taking a loss?

The truth is they aren't and haven't for years. And Xbox One has had a faster launch than the 360 did. Schools must really suck now.

Plus this commitment to gaming thing is idiotic. The Xbox One is not even a year old and already has introduced 2 AAA brand new IPs. People need to grow up.

TheXgamerLive1960d ago

If you believe that masterfox then you have 1 of 2 things. Either your suffering from Norweigen Monkey Pox or your just an idiot fanboy.

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XiSasukeUchiha1961d ago

MS should spin it off, it can focus on being the PC kings!

XiRockLee1961d ago Show
strangeaeon1961d ago ShowReplies(1)
lfc_4eva1961d ago

Whereas Sony should keep the PS brand because its almost the only thing they've got going for them.

Deadpoolio1961d ago

Well except for of course Sony Pictures, Sony Tv distribution, Sony Music, yeah PlayStation is totally the only thing Sony has going for it.....

You are aware that Microsoft has never made a penny off of the Xbox brand right? Not one penny it's costing them money to keep something that isn't making them money...Their Software is the only thing that brings in money

At least Sony had the common sense to sell off the laptop/computer division after finally realizing it wasn't making them money. BTW hate to break it to you but Sony also makes the best TVs FACT, what hurt them was the pricing

tgunzz1960d ago

@deadpoolio, when crt was standard sony was the best, when flat panels showed up, it was pioneer who made the best (they are kuro elites) that's the facts...

LackTrue4K1961d ago

LOL....XiRockLee used


To referred this not the same person.....? hahahahahahah

Goku7811961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

Its only a matter of time before they hit the reset button. But yes they should drop it like its hot, then do the harlem shake on it.

tgunzz1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Ms needs to stay firm with what they are doing. They belong in the gaming world along with sony, and nintendo. Seeing comments about how sony screwed up with the ps3, etc, etc (no one suggest selling the brand off), it's core community stuck with it despite being told that the system wasn't about just gaming anymore, and it struggled with multiplats... Ms community should do the same. Multiplat issue is being corrected, more support for 1st party is happenening, new, and diverse ips are in place, they are helping developers learn more about their tech. Other companies are allowed to make mistakes, but ms can't? They are being outsold so they should drop out? Bull!! Keep up the hard work, and great efforts MS, GAMERS ARE SEEING IT!! I do, and love my console more, and more because of those efforts .....

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Axios21961d ago

Why would MS sell it when it is selling better than the PS1, PS2, PS3, and 360 given the same time on the market?

Did Sony sell off PS after lower initial sales?

CaptainObvious8781961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

But if the xbone keeps selling the way it is, it's very soon going to slump behind the 360. It could very easily end in last place this generation behind the Wii U.

It can still make a profit in 3rd place, but shareholders want to see large returns on their investment and they definitely don't want their product coming last.

JeffGUNZ1960d ago

In all honesty, why upgrade this past year? Other then hardcore gamers like us, what's the selling point. Most of the best games are cross-platform and GTAV is still a last gen game. Their is no GAMES for any console worht upgrading other then Titanfall. Even that's a stretch as it's a new IP. I think Halo MC edition will move A LOT this next year then Halo 5 will take over.

lifeisgamesok1961d ago

Sony fans see Xbox as the biggest threat and they should

MS is determined to win and Xbox One is one of their best products

Like they've quoted before it's a marathon not a sprint

DigitalRaptor1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

The reason Microsoft got into the gaming market was not for the passion of the industry, but to "stop Sony". http://www.develop-online.n...

That's NEVER happening. So why should Microsoft even bother? PlayStation is the stronger global brand, it always will be, and Xbox is not going to win anything. They never have and MS are pretty consistent at that.

Now, let me clarify. Xbone will sell good. It will do well, but it faces the doom and gloom because it's not setting anything on fire. It's doing horribly by Microsoft's own expectations, so much so that they've practically reversed everything the console stood for and their change in direction is still not working well for them. It's selling worse than the Wii U, and doing much worse than PS4 in its home market, and will continue to until perhaps Halo 5 in late 2015, or some other exclusive gives it a temporary sales spike before then.

The only threat I saw from Xbox, is how Microsoft attempted the largest anti-consumer swindle in gaming history and thought that people would be stupid enough to accept it. Luckily, most people were not that stupid, and my biggest fear was that they would be and it would cause a horrible precedent for the industry.

THAT is how harmful Microsoft is as a corporation, and a good example as to why so many people don't like them and don't trust them. Still….. Threat is relative. Microsoft poses no threat. They did last gen, and Sony was fine, and PlayStation 3 was fine. There is absolutely nothing MS can do to stop Sony, unless they buy out the majority of third-party publishers, and no sensible head of department would allow that kind of spend.

DLConspiracy1960d ago


Kind of dramatic and long. Don't ya think? Christ, we are not dealing with a vampire plague. Its a video game console. Ya know to play games on with friends.

1960d ago
Dehnus1960d ago

RootKits is something I find far worse than a Console with DRM, the latter I don't have to by and the former Sony Tried to push as a new CD standard.

Removing Europe from the Asian Region with DVD's because Asian films started to eb liked more there, this would Threaten Sony's Hollywood studios. So BluRay had Europe in a seperate Region.

Sony's former President referring to Westerners as "Animals!" and the sole reason Japanese can't win Judo any more as Westerners are beasts with no morals and pure strength.

Etc, etc, etc.

So don't give me that crap about MS, all companies have enough dirt on them to throw around for some time.

Nintendo even had Love Hotels for a while, and I really love Nintendo the most these days! But I will not claim they are anything more than a company. Sony also didn't get into gaming for "passion" btw, they wend into gaming as a joined "Revenge!" and "We already spend so much on this add on CD drive" thing.

Which btw, if succeeded would have put most royalties and profits in the hands of Sony, so that is why Nintendo refused.

They aren't a bloody charity you know!

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Spotie1961d ago

Actually, it's already behind the 360; the big launch numbers sustained it for a while, but that's over and done with. Right now, the XB1 is on pace to sell less than its predecessor.

As for outselling the others at the same age, I doubt that seriously. The PS1 and PS2 especially, which sold at pretty high clips. Even moreso with the PS1, which wasn't on the market anywhere near as long as the PS2 and still cracked a hundred million. Hell, I'm pretty sure it took the Wii longer to reach that milestone.

As for your final question, that's so stupid I don't even know how you managed to ask it. How would Sony have sold off the division after the PS2 sold slower- according to you- than the XB1? In the case of the first two Playstations, they set records, probably even at launch.

Additionally, neither of those consoles suffered the early setbacks of the XB1. Hell, even the PS3 wasn't that bad off; its biggest hurdle was the year headstart of the Xbox, and/or the price difference with the Wii.

Finally, the Playstation division was and is profitable. They have not been in a hole since they entered gaming, like Xbox has. It's been one of Sony's most productive, most consistent divisions; the opposite is true for Xbox.

Simply based on importance to their parent company, Xbox would go first. If you wanted, though, you could base it on company philosophy, in which case Xbox would still go first.

Not saying it will, but looking at it logically, Microsoft would leave gaming before Sony or Nintendo.

And lol at multiconsolefanboy down there trying to claim a bunch of baseless nonsense, like a Playstation having the worst failure rate ever. It's like he forgot the 360 had the worst failure rate in electronics history.

Done people and their delusions...

IrishSt0ner1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

"Actually, it's already behind the 360" Didn't read any further than this first lie.

Look at the confirmed sales figures for XBOX ONE... it's currently selling at an average of 20% higher per month than it's predecessor.

So keep on spreading misinformation. Xbox is here to say, just like I used to tell the trolls 10 years ago, wait it's still here LOL

christocolus1961d ago

The console aint going anywhere. If MS actually wanted to sell it off Nadella would be doing it now along with the closure of XES and the layoffs of Nokia staff.

The author picks out certain parts of Nadellas letter but simply fails to see the part where Nadella states his belief&commitment to xbox. XES was closed to better focus on games. The direction under ballmer&mattrick might have taken their focus off course for a while but Nadella&Phil seem to be getting it right back on track. We might actually see an expansion of xbx game studios due to aquisitions&may be mergers.

Its great to have the financial backing of a huge cooperation like MS behind the xbox. very few companies are as persistent as MS.look at their situation in Japan. Other comapnies would have given up there.The original xbox sold about 28mil consoles worlwide but that didn't stop MS from releasing the xbx 360. its barely a year into the consoles lifecycle so who is to say what can happen down the line? Its selling less than the ps4 but that doesn't mean the console is a flop. I bet we are going to see another xbox in another 4 or 5yrs&most likely MS will spend the rest of this generation correcting all the mistakes they've made and hopefully that will result in bigger investments ,bigger&better content, better services and finally a more capable next generation xbox. Its what sony did with the ps3 going into the ps4.

One thing I've learnt with with every generation is that Anything can happen. Look how Nintendos wii turned out last gen or the market share ms gained from sony&then the sudden spike in wiiu sales from last year.. Anything can happen anyone saying the xbx will flop or that MS will sell off the xbox brand is highly mistaken. MS will keep doing all it takes to pull through&hopefully they will.

1960d ago
Dehnus1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )


Now, click on my article!

The state of gaming Journalism.

First thing I was thinking when I clicked on the N4G page: Not this shit again.

Plus all the ones below just going on and on about :"The next one should just be very powerful!".

You'd wonder if people still play games or just want to look at a specsheet. If they want that kind of specs, why not spend a bit more on a PC? Games are cheaper, you'll be cheaper in the long run.

jamsam3601961d ago

No and No again. Of course PlayStation fanboys would say yes.

MelvinTheGreat1961d ago

Too blind to see that playstation is in more danger than xbox...

1960d ago
JeffGUNZ1960d ago

I don't think he means sales, I think he means the business financial standing in general. They took a heavy loss overall with the PS3 last gen.