MSNBC's Mika Calls Video Game Makers Just as 'Reprehensible' as Murderous Dictator

Complex: Yesterday we reported how former Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega was filing a lawsuit against Call of Duty publisher, Activision.

The suit claims that Activision is guilty of "blatant misuse, unlawful exploitation, and misappropriation for economic gain" by using Noriega's likeness with his permission. Considering that Noreiga is serving a 20 year sentence for murder and drug trafficking, the lawsuit is a quirky one-off news story that's more chuckle-worthy than anything else.

That's where Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough come in. The two MSNBC anchors took a moment from hosting Morning Joe to comment on the Noreiga lawsuit by chiming in with the sort of video game scapegoating normally reserved for AM radio call-in shows.

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TheBurger292859d ago

I just dont understand how people can actually be this stupid.

JohnathanACE2859d ago

Its MSNBC, this level of stupidity is to be expected of them.

Yi-Long2859d ago

'It's damaging to the brain'

... well, I guess she must have been a hardcore gamer for many many years then...(!)

What an idiot. Lay low on the peroxide and glue-sniffing, grandma!

starchild2859d ago

Incredible the amount of ignorance coming out of the mouths of some of these so-called "professionals". MSNBC and most of the other networks, whether they lean liberal or conservative, are mostly a big joke.

Larry L2858d ago Show
Sayai jin2858d ago

@Larry L- Why bring in political mumbo jumbo. Since you did. Detroit, liberal, etc you. Why Detroit? If you take out all the people you call liberal, progressive, etc you still have the other idiots on the other sides...conservatives, tea party enthusiasts, etc. Labels...Following either on of the parties hook line and sinker is ridiculous IMO.

@IncredibleH- Same to you. Political non sense. It's funny, so much anti-Obama rhetoric by so-called Reps...the same one who voted for bush and ignored all the negative stuff he did. The same for the people complaining about called Dems, but they turn around and give Obama a free pass when they shouldn't. BTW, gas was over $4 in 2006 and 2007.

On topic...This guy on MSNBC is a joke.

LightDiego2858d ago

I hate liberals, they believe in global warming and always blame George Bush, he was a great president.

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AngelicIceDiamond2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

Lol wow look how disgusted and repulsed she is as they continue to talk about killing kids in COD lol.

What's really funny you really have gamers there age type playing games like COD and BF.

The guy on the right is deliberately pissing her off lol I LOVE that guy you can tell hes a COD player in some capacity.

Reprehensible lol ok she doesn't realize there's actual people day and day out who create these games. People who devote her life in this buissness, a buissness that can send you packing the next day very high risk and reward type of buissness.

But ok MSNBC and Fox by bad mouthing our games and the industry is only piquing interest. They don't realize their hate is is only piquing consumer interest and making our hobby more money.

Make a big deal out of GTA and you get the sales that it has now.

They made a big deal out of COD Blops 2 now more will probably will buy it because shes bad mouthing it so much.

The more they hate they report the more the industry sees and the more for us at the end of the day.

So we win.

Dirtnapstor2859d ago

Mika's always like that. Joe deliberately jabs just to get a rise. Their morning show is one that I'll watch, Joe is nowhere near the lib as most of the panels, he's pretty open minded an knows better than as Mika would play it out. Yes, her statement was asinine.

E2S2858d ago

Joe has said he is a gamer, but I'm not sure if he plays COD. He's said he prefers sports games like FIFA more.

Metallox2859d ago

They catch attention though, just exactly what they want. So they aren't that stupid, you know.

morganfell2859d ago

At this point they are desperate. MSNBC ratings are in the toilet.

Yi-Long2859d ago

Well, they caught attention for being stupid.

Who's ever going to value their opinion on anything, or take them seriously, after such a display of utter stupidity...!?

morganfell2859d ago


It isn't just this. MSNBC is a joke when it comes to professional journalism and integrity.

I_am_Batman2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

It's a combination of having an opinion about something without having any knowledge about it and having something to blame for certain problems in the world.

They are only repeating what other people told them. They assume it's true because other people told them it is.

It's basically the same kind of mindset that made people burn other people at the stake just because they didn't agree with their religion or ideology in the dark ages (even though in this case it's not nearly as drastic of course).

Zichu2858d ago

No, they instead they were going to have a mass burning of games in Connecticut. Not sure if they actually did it.

These are the kind of people that are brain dead and just follow what everyone else says.

Clunkyd2859d ago

Im just waiting for their generation to die so we don't have this type of ignorance anymore.

I_am_Batman2858d ago

Our generation will be ignorant towards other things. It's not a problem of when you were born. It's a problem of not being open minded and taking false information to form an unreasonable and biased opinion towards something.

Pozzle2858d ago

Sadly I know many young people who are like this. I used to have a housemate in her early 20s who would constantly rant about how video games are immature, how they turn people into murderers, how they corrupt children, blah blah blah. She thought she was so much more mature than everyone else in the house (we all played video games except her). It's baffling how hateful a person can be towards other peoples' hobbies.

My dad, on the other hand, is in his 70s and loves video games. It's not about age. Just ignorance.

3-4-52859d ago

She should be arrested for Treason, for outright lying to the American People.

People like her, are THE reason there are problems in this world.

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Saelyn2859d ago

She must be really upset about the game that bantering near the end was great.

Vegamyster2859d ago

That look of disgust lol, the other two guys were good.

Eldyraen2858d ago

Yeah, for some reason she got the impression they weren't taking here very seriously... I wonder why.

Starbucks_Fan2859d ago

This is why I don't watch cable news networks anymore.

ShaunCameron2858d ago

Well, most of them are ran by leftists.

Spotie2858d ago

It's not like the right is any better. Unless you're gonna say the NRA is full of left-wing liberals that blamed school shootings on video games.

WeAreLegion2859d ago

It's better to ignore people like this. Misinformation is one thing. This is insanity.

Gezmoyassine2859d ago

Must be that time of the the month for her.She should just get off her high horse and leave video games alone.

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