Payday: The Heist Will Be Completely Free For 24 Hours On October 18th

One Angry Gamer "Want to own the original game that helped put Overkill Software on the map? Well, you’ll be able to do so starting October 18th. The very first Payday: The Heist will be available for free, for 24 hours starting October 18th. Anyone who downloads the game will be able to keep the game… forever! Well, technically you’ll be able to keep it for as long as you keep using Steam, or for as long as Valve keeps Steam’s doors open, or for as long as you’re alive. Either one, really. "

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Corpser2614d ago

Completely free! Don't need to keep paying a subscription

WilliamUsher2614d ago

That's right. It's free to own and will stay in your Steam library after the 24 hours expire.

NovusTerminus2613d ago

Eh, I'll que it up, but I got it for PS3 when it came out. It's fun for a while but not very long.

Grave2613d ago

Now that's a real steal!

LogicStomper2613d ago

Replace 'real' with 'legal'.