Top 5 Overrated Video Games

UzerFriendly: "This week’s Top 5 is going to be on the Top 5 Overrated Video Games. Please note that just because I think these games are overrated does not mean I think they are bad. Just overrated."

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Hellsvacancy1957d ago

Assassin’s Creed I agree with, once you've play one of them you've played them all

Magicite1957d ago

rubbish article, there are far more overrated games/franchises.

Vegamyster1957d ago

What's considered overrated is based on your own tastes.

johndoe112111957d ago

Agreed. Stopped reading when I saw the final fantasy series. I get it's an opinion piece but the article seems to be more of an attack on the fans of the series more than the series itself.

Matt6661957d ago

Call of Duty should be a number one Every year Activision release a "new" COD it turns out to be the same game every single year.

Wni01957d ago

I believe that new Mario game had about 1/2 recycled challenges of previous mario games.

LAWSON721957d ago

You could say that about the Ezio trilogy I guess and later titles but the jump from 1 and 2 was astounding.

Exari1957d ago

i actually agree with the author. all these games are overrated. but i think there are more to add to this list

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knifefight1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

From the article: "Though it deserves the praise, I still don’t want to hear about how great “Final Fantasy VII“ was, I already know and I’ve known for a while. The excessive fanboys of this game series ruin it for me."

So grow up? People talk about things they like. That's what they do. People talking about it too much ruins it for you? Oh, brother. I've heard of first-world problems but this is first-world whining.

All of the descriptions for each of these are so juvenile, they brought to mind the guys who used to write about games and music in our high school newspaper. By all means, people like and dislike different things so we should all try to understand opposite viewpoints; this list is all "I don't like it, therefore it's overrated." The AssCreed bit does come close to real analysis, though. At least there's that.

Meh. Overall not very deep criticism of these titles, more of a Facebook or Livejournal rant.

Blacklash931957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

"So grow up? People talk about things they like. That's what they do. People talking about it too much ruins it for you? Oh, brother. I've heard of first-world problems but this is first-world whining."

Amen. The pettiness of these people makes me want to tear my hair out in frustration sometimes. Do people really think like this?

A lot of people like a game more than you? Big whoop.

Spotie1957d ago

Lj rants would be far more extensive.

Can't quite disagree with the list, though I think it's bad policy to combine entire franchises.

But, you know, just as people have the right to talk about the things they like, others have the right to wish those people would shut up.

gamerhecz1957d ago

Skyrim is definitely not overrated

Roccetarius1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

Yes, yes it is. Both in terms of the game itself, and the free pass that reviewers gave it a long time ago.

Mods is the driving force behind it, without that they would be forgotten.

Dynasty20211957d ago

Mods are the extra layer of icing, the sprinkle of beauty, that extra step.

Vanilla Skyrim is a pretty damn awesome game. The mods just made it look, run, play and feel better.

Irishguy951957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

One of the most boring games in existence. The game is an amazing example of quantity over quality. It had crappy everything besides exploration. Plot, quests, combat...everything

Chrono1957d ago

Only CoD/Minecraft are right, Pokemon fangirl. BTW, Pokemon should be number 1.

telekineticmantis1957d ago

LMAO! Nintendo has been getting away with murder, when it comes to Pokemon. They should of made a real console RPG years ago, and should be making an MMO now, highway robbery smh.

But SKYRIM! That is the most BORING, MUNDANE, TEDIOUS game I've ever played. Come on, walking around picking flowers?! I rather play Tamagachi...

MysticStrummer1957d ago

"walking around picking flowers?"

That's one of the biggest oversimplifications I've ever seen in my life. I've put over 200 hours into Skyrim and don't remember picking one flower.

telekineticmantis1957d ago


The dangerous thing about open world games, is the openness. meaning if you have a huge space and nothing interesting to do for large chunks of it, AND the game gives u either no, or no clear direction on what to do, youll be walking around staring at the sky, hoping you see a dragon to come and kill you.

The reason I was picking flowers is because during those large chunks, the only activity I could find to do besides killing the same wildlife for the millionth time was picking flowers, in hopes, i could make a potion, id later find out, I'd never use.

If u like SKYRIM, maybe u play it on PC with the Mods, but the actual game insanely BORING, and sword combat was like swinging a wet newspaper at a Giant spider and it dying of loneliness.

Patrick_pk441957d ago

Jesus, Pokemon has 25 main titles and this isn't including spin off titles. I can't believe it is still popular knowing that each game is almost identical. COD has never really stepped up and there is a minimal difference between each title, and is praised by drones. Assassins Creed has been going down hill after AssCreed 2. TES series are probably one of the best RPGs on the market, but can easily lack content without mods. I hope developers stop releasing the same shit and start branching out to new IPs then the same old, but it has a risk of losing money.

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