Afro Samurai Preview (The Armchair Empire)

Afro Samurai is one of those games that instantly grabs attention simply because of the disparate words "afro" and "samurai" being in such close proximity to one another. It conjures up all sorts of imagery, none of it really coherent, but it certainly feels cool.

For those not in the know, Afro Samurai is based on the anime/magna of the same name and, like the cartoon on SpikeTV, features the vocals Samuel L.Jackson as the titular character as he cuts a swathe of destruction in his attempts to claim the "Number One" headband from the three-armed cowboy named Justice, who just happens to be responsible for killing Afro's father. And to top it off, since Afro Samurai holds the "Number Two" headband any of those ranked below him can challenge Afro for his headband, which practically guarantees he'll be defending his title along his path to Revenge and meeting all sorts of whacked out friends and opponents along the way.

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