Project CARS: Extended PS4 Comic-Con Gameplay Trailer Looks And Sounds Simply Amazing

Check out this stunning extended PlayStation 4 gameplay trailer of Project CARS from Comic-Con 2014.

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vric1959d ago

Hard to tell from this vid if it "Sounds Simply Amazing", it's a techno track over everything.

JackOfAllBlades1959d ago

Haha maybe they liked the music

ShinMaster1959d ago

I wouldn't even call it a trailer. It was just straight up gameplay, but with no sound lol

Clunkyd1959d ago

Yeah, that was really dumb of them.

BTW, that's not techno music, its Trance.

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lets_go_gunners1959d ago

I remember earlier this year I was really excited about this game. Forza Horizon happened I guess. I'll still buy it just not day 1.

user74029311959d ago

shh! dont say that! a certain console group will feel threatened and they will begin to act like pc gamers and throw around 4k

lilbroRx1959d ago

I don't know which console group you are talking about, but I'm a PC gamer. I was doing over 1080p 60fps a decade ago before most people even knew what "HD" was.

I find the defensiveness of Sony fans to be so absurd sometimes. You praise specs like they are the most important thing except for when its not in your favor. You vindictively try to make everyone else out to be fanboys of other consoles in order to lord your PS4 over them in, but you don't like it when PC gamers respond to you in the same manner.

Such lush hypocrisy. If you are going to boast about the highest specs then know that it will always lie with the PC. Course, specs don't matter to me beyond what they can do for gameplay. I love my multiple controller and configuration option. And Mods <3 <3 <3 :)

Now hush this console war garbage.

OculusRift1959d ago

As a PC gamer, can I just kill this argument? The folks who claim to be "PC gamers" and are throwing up 4K as if it were something that's easily just a switch, are not gamers. 4K gaming demands some serious hardware to even run a game on respectable settings with 30-40 fps and that serious hardware demands some serious cash. And to make matters worse to really ever see the difference between 4K and 1080p you have to be sitting danger close to your display. (I'm talking 3-4 feet/1-2 meters), So if you're planning on picking up a 60 inch 4k TV.. don't do it.. save your money, unless you plan on sitting right under your display.

annus1959d ago

Damn, I was hoping for a cinematic experience.

FlyingFoxy1959d ago

I prefer PC but i'm not touching 4k and it's really not much to boast about.

Games run far too slow, and you need to spend quite a lot to get nice playable FPS in most newer games.. as in 2-3x 780's or r9 290's. Better off with 1080p for now or even better yet 1080p with 120hz or 1440p max with 144hz.

Pointless owning a good gaming rig only to spoil it with 4k, though for people who don't mind getting 30fps and lower then it shouldn't bother them.. speed and fluidity is better than having a sharper picture.

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Future_20151959d ago

They never confirmed locked 60fps or anything just targetting 60fps

yarbie10001959d ago

hang on..let me go find my rave glow sticks

XtraTrstrL1959d ago

Looks choppy, like it's not keeping even a consistent 30fps. The background buildings and stuff are not scrolling smoothly at all. It seems there was barely enough room to add a rear view mirror also, the trees and buildings popping up and disappearing in it constantly makes it seem it'd be unpleasant to look through while driving. With how good racers look on last gen, this is simply not looking/performing impressively for a racing game on next-gen.

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The story is too old to be commented.