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If there would be any area for improvement that Bungie should take a look into, it would be the breadth that would keep the players engaged and provide excellent gaming experience.

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Sayai jin1966d ago

Let Destiny be Destiny. It was a fun beta and looks to be a blast in September.

WTS, the game seemed like a mixture of a few games/had aspects of them...borderlands, Mass Effect, Halo, etc.

Gozer1966d ago

They seriously need to be looking at the Crucible gameplay. It was the weak point in the beta imo. They have put some nice rpg elements to the PvP, but the gameplay is very weak compared to Halo. They use the same gameplay formula in Destiny that they used in Halo(melee,grenade,jump,specia l power,and weapon fire). But in the beta the controls are clunky, and its too easy to die/kill. I can remember a Bungie interview years ago, in which the Bungie rep said their gameplay philosophy was built around 3 second confrontations. They have clearly strayed from that philosophy, confrontations in the Destiny beta were instant death/kill.

SideNote1966d ago

I just couldn't get into Destiny. I think because it stole so much from halo, it forgot what made halo fun. I came away from this beta very disappointed and bored, but I'm glad others love it. We cant all like the same thing after all.