New Star Citizen Concept Art Shows Off M50 Craft

VRFocus - Indie developer Cloud Imperium Games has maintained an open relationship with its fans of the upcoming virtual reality (VR) compatible space combat title Star Citizen. The title, which has enjoyed huge crowd-funding success, has kept its backers in the loop with constant updates on the project's progress. This week that has included the release of new concept art for one of the title's craft, the M50.

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Dynasty20211960d ago

I love how nobody has commented on this.

"Hmm, these graphics beat anything on consoles ever. Let's stay away from it so it doesn't get popular on N4G so the truth doesn't come out."

General Shrooms1960d ago

No wonder you're so popular

3-4-51960d ago

Love the ship design.

modesign1960d ago

lol by the time this game releases, every other game will look better than this. dont forget this game was in development since 2010.

General Shrooms1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Development started in 2011 and and really didn't kick in until after their successful Kickstarter at the end of 2012. Where they were then, is nothing compared to where they are now.

Now they have growing studios around the world and development has jumped into full swing.

Azurite1959d ago

Full development started July last year.

masterfox1960d ago

I wonder if this game someday will see the light of day.

TheWow1960d ago

It better. It's looking extremely promising so far. Maybe more promising than Destiny ...? ; D

DeusEx-Machina1953d ago

The dog fighting module "Arena Commander" is extremely impressive and lots of fun already.

DARK_SOLDIER1011960d ago

this Game will destroy AAA titles

i impressed by massive detail by cryengine 4th gen

No game like it