Ninja Gaiden 2 receives 68/100 from The Gamers Temple

Jason Nimer writes:

''As shocking is that must have been to read, it was twice as hard to write. Never fear, though, I wouldn't drop a bombshell like that without a lot of solid evidence to back it up. I'll start with one of the game's higher points - the graphics. Ninja Gaiden II looks absolutely fantastic and possibly even better than Ninja Gaiden Sigma on PS3, which seemed impossible to top in the graphics category. Ryu always moves and looks just like a ninja, and with all the on-screen action, the game rarely drops its smooth framerate. Even early in the game, its easy to find yourself surrounded by between 8 and 10 fantastically detailed enemies, all moving, attacking - and bleeding - in a seamless dance of death.

And speaking of death, that is where Ninja Gaiden II's visuals truly shine. Not only will you be hacking dozens of enemies to bits, but their hacked off limbs, heads and whatever else stay where they fall. It might seem like a little thing, but backtracking through levels is always more fun when you can see just how much damage you've done previously. It also adds a bit of realism to the fighting. Another visual flair, almost as cool as the permanent decoration with enemy bodies, is the blood spatter that will remain in areas you've fought in. It's very cool at first, but as you progress, you'll notice that sometimes blood is splattered where there is no surface, creating a floating stain that screams "lazy programming." And, with just that minor oversight, we begin to move into the areas where Ninja Gaiden II falls apart.''

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Mike134nl3875d ago

lol problem is that I like this game more than gta IV

ghostface3875d ago

You know what, i have that same problem.

PMR_213875d ago

mediocrity @ it's finest

Jack Bauer3875d ago

Uninformed @ it's finest

dachiefsman3875d ago

I like this game so much that I spent 5 hours trying to beat the Test of Valor 5 on Chapter 7. It was funny I was using the dragon sword and failing and then moved to the sycthe and kick everyone's arse.