PS3 and homebrew; PSP all over again?

What's the first thing you'd do when you finally got your PS3 home? The logical step would be to slap in a Blu-ray movie or enjoy some Resistance: Fall of Man on your mammoth 1080p screen. One gamer had none of that and decided that booting up Super Mario Bros. -- a game released in 1985 before high-def was even an idea -- on his nexst-gen console. While we only see a brief flash of SMB followed by some Linux command lines -- which could very well be faked -- this video could show where the PS3 is heading...

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kingboy4376d ago (Edited 4376d ago )

Don`t worry,we the playstation fans are here to make sure it doesn`t follow that direction only.Now if u excuse me i need to fire up some super mario on my ps2

DJ4376d ago

I doubt it'll lead to hackable PS3s, and being able to have PC-style applications is pretty awesome.

PS360WII4375d ago

PS3 owners don't want to play any silly old Playstation games. They want the good stuff that Nintendo makes ^^ kids stuff indeed