The Top 10 Most Epic Moments from the Destiny Beta as Told by Xbox

Twinfinite: Yeah, the Destiny beta is set to close today, think of it more as a "see ya later" than a "goodbye." That oughta help. Anyway, take a look at what Xbox Upload decided were the top 10 moments from their user-submitted Destiny beta clips.

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Yo Mama1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

#1. We actually got it to install and run on our Xbone!

TRD4L1fe1961d ago

dont understand what thats suppose to mean


i didn't seem to have any problem installing... but I was not able to play it.

since i downloaded the last update I have had problems logging in and some services not working.

the last few days I login but it tells me I can't view friends, messages etc.

I try to play Destiny and it throws me out because it says I am not signed in.

spicelicka1961d ago

Unfortunately he's right everyone, not sure if this is a troll or not but it was near impossible for some people to install it one XBone. I deleted and re-installed it 3 times! tried for days to make it work but it kept trying to update and then gave me an error.

I ended up just downloading it for xbox 360, which i must was really impressed by for an old gen port!

Bigpappy1961d ago

That's because they needed an Xbox One to install it. Xbone is a Sony-fanboy device.

Jag-T10001961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

Mine installed in less than two hours. No problem.

ma1asiah1961d ago

I'm part of the early access XB1 preview programme.

Downloaded this in less than an hour and was able to play everyday since the Beta released on XB1.

Sorry for anyone who had problems downloading and installing Destiny, but on both the XB360 and the XB1 the process was painless and very smooth.

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Grave1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

Can't really be too proud. The aim assist helps so much you don't barely need to aim as it snaps right to your target. Feels like an FPS w/ training wheels. Here's hoping they have an option to shut it off at launch.

Majin-vegeta1961d ago

Agree.Plus they need to give us an option to use L1/R1 over L2/R2 also.

tanookisuit1961d ago

Isn't that already in the options? I use L1/R1 right now.

lets_go_gunners1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

Worth watching just to see number 1. The one that actually made this video worth it.

THA_SNOWMAN87321961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

This is just something I bothered to edit