5 Reasons As To Why The Xbox One Is Here To Stay

IM PLAYIN discusses the Xbox One's longevity in the face of the growing internet chatter over its potential demise.

"I’ve written an article (amongst many others on the console in general) detailing the not so great points about the console, here. But, despite its flaws, I have full confidence that the console is here to stay, for at least the near future. I’m not stupid enough to believe that it’s here forever. Things change and people move on. Still, the recent wavering in popularity of the console is nowhere near enough to bring it down, and here’s why."

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XiSasukeUchiha1967d ago

Number 1 provides exclusives which cannot be ported over to Playstation!

DigitalRaptor1967d ago

Well of course it's here to stay, just like the PS3 was here to stay despite all the unfounded doom and gloom.

It is underperforming and not doing as well as the PS4 in any sense, and I think that is the point.

AngelicIceDiamond1967d ago

"Well of course it's here to stay, just like the PS3 was here to stay despite all the unfounded doom and gloom."

That's what I been saying for the past several weeks now.

I even said the X1 is recovering faster than PS3 did last gen around this time.

choujij1967d ago


Except the PS3 was released a year later and had to catch up, whereas Xbone was released in the same month and continues falling behind while the gap in sales continue to grow. For that reason, I disagree with your use of the term recovering, as the Xbone has not begun closing any gaps.

The truth is, regardless of how well or poorly it does, the Xbone is here to stay as long as Microsoft says so.

Magicite1967d ago

there have been several similar or even the same articles before, quit repeating.

CaptainObvious8781967d ago

Of course it's here to stay, but after being heavily outsold by the PS4 I'm not sure if we'll see another ms console.

1967d ago
Spotie1967d ago

Well, yeah. Not like it'll just up and vanish. I don't think anybody really believes the XB1 won't survive the generation.

But it's gonna be a long gen at this point. Microsoft may have made a lot of policy changes, but the damage has been done, and Sony had taken advantage of it. It's hard to tell since they haven't announced numbers in a while, but the XB1 is on track to sell maybe 6 million this year. That's not gonna instill much confidence.

y7jzdgy1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

MS will eventually catch Sony because they're enthusiastic about big budget exclusives while Sony's yoshida can't even understand why people prefer big budget games when compared to indies. That's very telling.

snarls2001967d ago

his comment was more about people who thinks indies are the never worth the money

DigitalRaptor1967d ago

Catch them?

In sales?

The PS3 managed to bridge an 8 million unit gap with all imaginable disadvantages and PR doom and gloom. That was Sony's one and only "bad" generation. They are on top now and the momentum is not going to slow.

I'm sick of repeating this but I will as long as people keep believing it. Xbone is never catching up to PS4.

Bringing games into the argument, PS4 still has more and better diversity in the mix, but at the end of the day, which games you prefer is opinionated. PS4 also has the better rated games aggregated by Metacritic.

Downplaying indie games is getting old and... No Man's Sky.

BX811967d ago

I agree I'm tired of you repeating your self.... Now shhhhhhhhh ;)

ziggurcat1967d ago

"Sony's yoshida can't even understand why people prefer big budget games when compared to indies"

He did not say that. He said he didn't get why people *only* want AAA.

Get your facts straight before trolling.

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TheRealHeisenberg1967d ago

I'm getting one because Xbox has some of my favorite franchises that I can't play on any other console. That is why I will always be a multi-console gamer for the rest of my gaming years.

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BX811967d ago

So true. I never was a fan of sony's playstation. I always was a Nintendo fan then a xbox fan. Last gen I got a ps3 and even though I only got a handful of games I realized it was to me, well worth the investment. I think all this pumping of the chests over brand loyalty is for idiots. Each console has exclusive experiences that are worth playing. I will always be a multi console owner unless I don't agree with the company's policies.

SuperBlur1967d ago

Number 1 : MS invested millions and they are not about to quit without seeing a return on their investment

LordMaim1967d ago

Even the original Xbox lasted four years before it was replaced by the Xbox 360.

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