The 7 Big Questions We Have After Playing the Destiny Beta

We spent a lot of time playing the beta test, but we have some questions that the full game will have to answer.

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thorstein2649d ago

Answer to No. 1. There is nothing wrong with incredibly difficult bosses. I have heard multiple people claim that the tanks are over powered.... They are TANKS! And I have killed on on my own so, no, they are not overpowered.

The earth is overrun except for one last city. Why is this so difficult to comprehend when anywhere but the tower is chocked full of enemies?

kneon2648d ago

None of the bosses we've seen so far were incredibly difficult, just tedious.


ya, I really don't get that.

I mean it's an open seat tank... you can shoot/snipe the guy off it if you have the shot (which I did a number of times)

You can take it out with the rocket launcher/heavy gun which really does not take a lot of amo to take it out.

You can take it out with a power move which everyone has..

I am already very disappointed with Bungie for nurffing it when it really didn't need it.

just noobs crying because they can't figure out what to do when a tank is on the map.

ShadowKingx2648d ago

yeah that the problem with devs, if one person complains about something they nerf it, that why COD keeps being the same over and over because devs are afraid to venture out and explore new things. Destiny if the first game in awhile where i really had fun, now i really dont play pvp that much, but there is just as much to do on PvE side as there is on pvp.

Jeff2572648d ago (Edited 2648d ago )

The only thing that really needs to be changed about the vehicles is not allowing anyone to cap a point while riding one.

Wily2648d ago

I doubt the nerf is going to stop people from being wrecked by the tank. If you attack a tank from the front, where it is most armored, you're going to have a bad time.

Something a lot of beta players didn't understand.

Johnsonparts232647d ago

I think the changes they're making are going to help overall though. To me it completely changed the gameplay and to do that for just one map seemed disjointed. Having just one intercepter and having it on a time delay makes sense. It should come around the same time as the first heavy ammo crates so there's ways to take it out easier. I think it's important that you "earn" the tank, which is why it'll be good that there's one to fight over.

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assdan2647d ago

I played through the entire beta. I've gotta say, this game wasn't really that hard. People keep talking about it like there's a learning curve and it's hard core. In the entire time I played through this, I only had to restart a no respawn area once.

averagejoe262648d ago

I can't believe this even got published...all of these questions are based on poor opinion... Article says they feel like they're playing call of duty when in the crucible... Really??!

No credibility in this article whatsoever

ShadowKingx2648d ago

i agree, if anything it plays more like halo then COD.

LightDiego2648d ago (Edited 2648d ago )

True, but it's a Gamespot article, that site is a complete garbage. Nobody should take them seriously.
This site and Kotaku should just go away, disappear.

Phene2648d ago

I thought this article was pretty much on point, with the overall theme being will we see more depth from what is definitely a highly anticipated and will be a well bought game. I didn't think the pvp played like COD, but guess that's his opinion, but all valid points. I said this from the start, this game is *simple* fun, but would love to see more in depth mechanics and no question a really engaging story because for the most part this game is a go-here-shoot-this type of deal albeit managing to stay fun. And no, dancing will never get old lol.

Johnsonparts232647d ago

I think the depth in mechanics and gameplay comes from having the 3 classes, which each have their own supers and will each have their own subclasses, not to mention different grenades and melee abilities. I also think once the full game is released and we see how much we can do things will change.

danowat2648d ago

The spider walker has very specific weak spots, if you target those you shouldn't have much trouble.

That said, I do think that the walker is slightly unbalanced, as the enemy at the end, Sepkis prime, takes at least half the time to beat.

Gr1mmyshadows2648d ago (Edited 2648d ago )

I think the hardest part in Devil's Lair is the room with the 3 rounds of enemy waves.


yea i have no doubt there will be a whole bunch of content added to the new game to keep us busy. people are just getting way to ahead of themselves after playing just the beta

danowat2648d ago

The bit where you are waiting for the meshes to be removed?, yes, I agree, that is quite tough too.

After the walker and that section, I was expecting Sepkis to be a tough job, but it was very easy in comparison.

That said, this is a beta, and I am sure there will be some balancing before the release.

Yui_Suzumiya2648d ago

Yeah, Devil's Lair sucked but not three waves of enemies. Me and one guy took that out easily. It was the tank afterwards that we couldn't take out.

Damolives2648d ago

Yeah, I have a major issue considering I can't play the game. I've been monitoring the games progress for a while, but went on vacation and came back on Saturday. My entire vacation, I was away from my xbox, therefore it was impossible for me to download the game. Now that I'm back, xbox has taken down anything involving destiny's beta from, not only the dashboard, but from the game marketplace as well. I find this to be quite irritating and if anyone wants to help I'm all ears

danowat2648d ago

The Beta is over, even if you could download it, you can't play it anymore.

Jeff2572648d ago

The beta ended last night. It is over and no one will get a chance to play it again in the public until it releases on September 9th.

hardeepmeghera2648d ago

Worry not. September 9th is right around the corner.

modesign2648d ago

lol at the people that just stand in one place while fighting, thats why your dying because your a noob.

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