Destiny to have "one destination" per planet

According to Destiny's community manager, Bungie's upcoming game will have one area per planet.

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SnakeCQC1964d ago

That is kinda disappointing.

KnightRobby1964d ago

Well, for me personally it seems like the game is going to be just about the size of Borderlands 2. But the thing Destiny is lacking is creative NPC characters when you are exploring in free roam on the planets. I felt like Old Russia was empty because of the lack of characters.

I sure hope the rest of the planets have NPC's. Would be nice to find some stranded Guardians, etc that have been surviving against the Cabel, Fallen, etc...and perhaps a little mad because of it.

TRD4L1fe1964d ago

gotta remember, it was only a beta. those things can be added for the full game. I found plenty of location throughout the cosmodrone that made me curious as to what they are. I have no doubt there will be plenty to do within the full game

ArchangelMike1964d ago

There will be NPC's out in the world. Remember the Awoken Queen in the trailer?

vishmarx1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

Destiny to have "one destination" per planet
and just 4 planets

thorstein1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

We didn't even see the entire "Old Russia" Each "planet will have multiple parts of the story, MP, and free roam.

As for intriguing NPCs... did you not play the Moon Mission that was added yesterday? It hints that there are indeed NPCs and they will play a role.

@Vish Jupiter is on the list too and who knows what else. I assume (since the game refers to "Earth's Moon" that other moons will be playable : Mars has two moons. Jupiter many, many moons.

Delive1964d ago

Something I have taken from the beta. There are several inaccessible areas that will open up upon release. I have no idea how big they are, but i believe Bungie knows quality.

Also, i have accepted that this is a Xbox 360/ps3 game that has been buffed, glossed and shined for the ps4 and x1. The content is the same with no true gameplay improvements with the current gen stronger hardware. If this receives the support, which I believe it will, and the current gen gets a stronger support base, then Destiny 2 will be the game to meet the expectations that this one may come up short of. Just my opinion.

ramiuk11963d ago

yeah things like a fallen thats betrayed them and working for good would be a nice thing to have about the lands etc,instead of just beacons everywhere

redwin1963d ago

Wow, Earth And the noon where not big !

Sheikh Yerbouti1963d ago

Jupiter should have multiple mission for moons. Same with Saturn. Planetoids like Eris, Ceres and Pluto could give us a healthy number of locations.

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AeternalGaminG1964d ago


I guess DeeJ was misunderstood,he was answering to a totally different question,he never said "in the final game WE WILL HAVE ONLY ONE AREA" NEVER.Just a you can see around there will be plenty of locations,maybe not available all at launch,but surely not 1 per planet -.-"

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1964d ago

What if there were like 50+ planets? Would you still be disappointed? We still don't know how much content there will be so reacting at all is pretty stupid.

Letthewookiewin1964d ago

Ya same here but I also try to remind my self of the full multiplayer suite that comes with it to tie up a lot of hours. While I don't care to much for MP it is cool that you can take the looted weapons and armor that you find in with you to matches to give you an advantage (or a fighting chance in my case), which will in turn keep me going back to strike missions and other instances to get better items. I don't know maybe it's false hope and a glass half full type of thing but I really enjoyed what I played.

HammadTheBeast1963d ago

In terms of MP, I think that'll play a huge part in the game. So far I've spent 50/50 between Crucible and PVE, and there's not even that much PVP content unlocked yet (Played 4 maps so far, and 1 mode). There's still 7 more maps (apparently, this is not official) along with 4 different modes we can see. The vehicle mode at the end also makes me excited ( air vehicles anyone)?

dumahim1964d ago

Makes sense for the other planets, but for Earth that is very disappointing.

Mr-Dude1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

In the video the question was if there is only one Explore mission per planet... Not ONE destination PER planet. So once again, like always totaly out of context.

Here is good comment I borrowed from GAF

It has been pretty clear that there was only going to be 1 area per planet in the Alpha and Beta, and if you thought that there would be more, you've been fooling yourself. Yes, there has been concept art of more, but nothing was ever 100% confirmed in the game and we never saw any game footage beyond Venus, Mars, Moon, Earth, Tower, Reef and Mercury ( which is still in the game as an arena for the 'Crucible elite' with exclusive rewards ).

Also, you gotta love how some people make assumptions on how the final game will play based on a level-capped Beta with areas we can't properly explore because they are guarded by Lv.?? enemies ( Grottos ), at least three fully blocked off areas ( Seraphim Vault, Jovian Complex, King's Vault ), limited gear ( only Common and Uncommon ) and not much use yet for some of the stuff you get due to the level cap ( Materials / Crucible / Vanguard Marks ).

There are legitimate criticisms and concerns, yes, but this jumping to conclusions and making assumptions needs to stop. People are talking like the relative lack of things to do in the Beta ( *cough* Level cap *cough* ) somehow will be this massive problem in the full game, but they forget that in the full game, you don't stop at level 8. The stuff we had available to us after hitting the cap in the Beta is not representative of the final game, because in the final game, the endgame doesn't start at level 8, it starts at level 20. The lack of stuff to do when you're capped at 8 in a Beta doesn't say anything about the actual lv.20 endgame in the final game.

But no, 'the gameplay is so shallow' and there is 'no incentive to explore' and 'there's so little content' and 'there's nothing to do', etc.

Mystogan1964d ago

Destiny is a disappointing game... Oh well, I'll just wait for No Mans Sky to release on Xbox One...

KingKelloggTheWH1963d ago

A bunch of people on B-net are saying Deej meant each planet is a destination, as many other locations have been shown on earth alone.

BlackWolf121963d ago

Errrr all those people saying this sucks, you guys obviously didn't play the Beta. If you did you would have seen how massive the free roam area is in Old Russia, and have no complaints about there being 4 other free roam areas like that in other planets.

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Qwagy UK1964d ago

I'll pick this up when it goes cheap , not overly impressed. Feels like a cross between halo and boarderlands minus the excessive loot.

kneon1964d ago

That was my plan but I had $30 in soon to expire coupons to use so I preordered it anyway.

But there seemed to be plenty of loot in the beta, I have over 20000 glimmer and have dismantled something like 150 weapons as I just have no room. My vault is full of level 9+ weapons and my characters are constantly maxing out what they can carry. If anything there is too much stuff to collect.

vallencer1963d ago

I don't know if we are playing the same beta but the loot is pretty scarce. Granted I'm sure I probably haven't played as long as you. However I have leveled up a character to 8 and played more after that and I don't find loot like I'd like for a rpg type game. It just doesn't seem like loot exist.

averagejoe261963d ago

@val you must be doing something wrong then because I have plenty of loot... So many uncommon weapons and armor to choose from... Even some rare and legendaries that I can't even use

kneon1963d ago

I spent most of my time in explore and the missions. I've hit cryptarch level 7 and it's now at the point that I'm dismantling level 9 and 10 weapons to make more room.

If you spend most of your time in the crucible then you won't get as much stuff.

wsoutlaw871963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

why would that be a bad thing? There definitely isnt a lack of loot or loot to be found.

averagejoe261963d ago

What you stated are the exact reasons I love the game... To each their own, I guess.

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Dynasty20211964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

Paid DLC guaranteed. It's Activision.

This is quite a killer, and judging by Reddit, Neogaf etc, has pissed a lot of people off and killed their excitement.

They said the beta was 10% of the full content. Well, if there's only 5 or 6 planets, that's worrying, not exciting.

Lack of content springs to mind now. I would have expected 3 or 4 zones per planet. Yeah, there's like 5-8 missions in each zone, but they just dump you in different areas of the same zone, completely explorable at all times.

I've really enjoyed the beta, truly, I was surprised by it and liked it a lot. Yeah it's mash up of Borderlands, Diablo 3, Mass Effect and the Halo I hate so much, but it's really well made and quite fun at times.

But this news has killed any excitement I recently gained.

With paid DLC being pretty much guaranteed as it's Activision and they know nothing of the word "free"...I dunno now.

Seriously going to have to hold off until the reviews come in, no doubt the day of release, which is always worrying.


I agree with you. As I've said before, the thing that will kill this game is lack of content/length of the single/co-op portions. I love the game I really do but I'm disappointed if this is true... So much potential wasted if this is the case. The game is too easy on hard ( even solo) that also worries me too, so lack of content will ruin it. I had it pre ordered since April and will go through and get it but... If this lack of content really is the case, then I'll be done with the FPS genre for quite a while.

Don't mistake this as trolling or bashing, I'm just truly irked that my GOTY candidate has potentially just went belly up...& what makes it worse is that it's such a damn good game that they could just settle for mediocre instead of greatness. Like I said I honestly hope this is not true what so ever.

dcj05241964d ago

Don't blame it on the genre lol DOOM&Unreal Tournament is coming

SINISTERGENESIS1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

I don't blame the genre I blame the devs/publishers. Destiny has the potential to be great but IF the rumor is true and then I'll be disappointed greatly. The last good FPS was Bioshock (haven't played Wolfenstein yet) but still my point stands, they suffer from lack of content/longevity. Every FPS that's out is a bug filled, poorly designed mess... And I'm coming from playing them when they first release then watch as the sequels get more & more watered down as they come out. I love games/gaming, that's been my hobby since the Sega Genesis came out, but I'm sad how players/devs/publishers have been hindering my pastime.

wsoutlaw871963d ago

well you are assuming that because there is only one explore area that means there wont be a lot of content. They have stated this is a very small sample. Just explore earth and you will find a lot of it blocked of for the beta. Number of planets or how many areas in those planets doesnt really matter if you dont know how big it its.
But hey its just the typical internet over reaction that always happens until any real info comes out. I swear with the amount of mood swings people can have on a game at any second is crazy. Its like gamers are just a bunch of constantly pregnant people


Exactly what am I assuming? I've stated that IF... IF that were to be the case with Destiny then I'd be highly disappointed especially seeing how the beta was so much fun and has such great potential. You can check my past history in Destiny articles and I told people that this game is definitely a day 1 purchase ( & my personal GOTY candidate). My feelings haven't swayed one bit because the game isn't out yet, to do so would mean I'm like I'm like all the other sheep.

I'm fully aware things were blocked out on purpose but it still doesn't change that I'd be rightfully pissed if I spent another $65 on a half assed game (but Bungie does have a reputation of producing AAA games). The entire time I knew of what Bungie wanted to do with the game I knew the potential problems were going to be story,length,& amount of content.

Maybe I stated my opinion/feelings to bluntly but I don't beat around the bush. To end this- I'm still excited from what I've played ( single/co-op side) but never the less, I am worried about said issues and will be until I get my (still pre ordered btw) retail copy & see for myself. I hope to see you on the war torn planets in Destiny! ;)

BillmadeAGate1964d ago

Official Prediction: Destiny Will Barley Stay Relevant Come October.. Everyone will have beaten in or just gotten completely bored an didn't finish ( like I did with Borderlands 2).. Not saying its a bad game just saying its not what it could've been.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1964d ago

"like i did with borderlands 2"

You are aware you're in a VERY small minority there? Most people who played BL2 were playing it months and months after the initial release. Hell the dlc is still keeping it relevant.

n4rc1964d ago

Hell ya.. Gladly dropped money on the season pass too.. Was a great game

MRMagoo1231963d ago

one of the better single player and multiplayer games made I think, billmadeagate seems to be part of a small niche group of bizarre opinions of games.

JackOfAllBlades1964d ago

It will barley stay relevant? What does the grain barley have to do with anything?? That barley came from the moon!

mezati991964d ago

i just want to say after playing the beta, this is THE best fps game i played in years. this day one buy for me