Star Ocean: The Last Hope Xbox 360 Screenshots

Quicksave writes:

"The rumored PS3 exclusive turned out to be multiplatform. In fact, it may even be a timed exclusive for the Xbox 360 since there were no confirmations for the PS3. Anyways, here are 5 screenshots for you to look at while you ponder:"

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Fishy Fingers3782d ago

Bah... no in game shoots :(

Perhaps "last Hope" really is MS last hope in Japan.

fenderputty3782d ago

to MS for trying to secure games that appeal to the Japanese market. As far as RPG's go, they have the upper hand right now.

This might all change once FFXIII and White Knight Chronicles gets released, but for now the 360 is the RPG machine.

Even funnier is that it's not really helping them. If MGS4 takes off well in Japan, that could be the start of the PS3 really taking off. Once the other big hits land, it could only grow worse for MS.

Still ... as I said ... you have to give MS props for trying to break the barriers of entry into that market.

Twilightx73782d ago

There are some in game shots there - specifically, look at the shot that appears to be a gas station. Both the tree and the sign are much too low poly to be prerendered objects, so I expect you're seeing in game assets in at least that shot, and possibly the archer shot. Use your eyes, people!

bakasora3782d ago

I hope Star Ocean 4 isn't only to 8.5GB. multi-disc!

jadenkorri3782d ago

I'm beginning to f'in hate MS with these damn timed exclusives, im not buying a broken machine because my favorite game comes out on it first, i love the star ocean series, and would buy that game first day, so it better come out ps3 first day, if not, ill be another f'in company i will start to hate

gamesR4fun3782d ago

dont think they could afford to do it as a 360 exclusive not if they want to sell well anyways...

Really dont expect this game to need much more than a dvd tho and gotta applaud ms fro being so aggressive on this title as it will b a hit in Japan especially. Just wish Sony would grow some financial balls and stop these hits form being stolen...

bakasora3782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

Thats it, Im getting the cheapest X360 just to only play Star Ocean 4.(and perhaps NG2)
But I won't bother with the XBL.
It just irritates me that every X360 is bound to fail.
I just pray that when I get my X360, it doesn't fail so early.

deeznuts3782d ago

As of now it may not even happen (SO4 on the PS3)

jadenkorri3782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

should go multiplatform

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Darkiewonder3782d ago

The Last Hope for 360 for Japan can't come soon enough.

damrightfresh3782d ago

You know they are trying to win over Japan by getting a lot of their type of games out there..I just don't see them winning..I bet you over there in Japan there no such things as a

It will be time exclusive like Eternal Sonata..I am not a big fan of Star Ocean series ,but my friend loves it.. i hope they bring it to the ps3 for are their fans to enjoy it..

The two BIGGEST game that I am waiting for is Final Fantasy VIII and Versus these game is big time system seller..

fredy3782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

western gamer that only plays 1 jrpg franchise. this game is actually really good, i bet if it was ps3 only you'd be saying something different.

Darkiewonder3782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

I don't really care if Japan doesn't want the 360 or the game will flop. The fact that microsoft is putting more effort NOW than Sony this gen just is funny and great at the same time. Sony is pathetic and still pushing that whole shooter genre and their Big AAA 2008 titles. Anyways,Thanks Microsoft for getting some JRPs out this year! At least I'll be having something to play this year rather than wait for eternity!

So much for Sony is listening! LMFAO!

joemayo763782d ago

Ur right man, Props to MS for really pushing to gain ground in JPN, Star Ocean is a good series but right now i'm really looking forward to Disgaea 3 that's comin out in a couple of months here.

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mistertwoturbo3782d ago

two middle pictures 100% CGI

Imallvol73782d ago

Lol, Happy 360 RPG day? Almost the whole front page is RPG news.

Bonsai12143782d ago

i noticed. i woke up and checked the page, and its all rpg on 360 news. the graphics look cg to me, but it is squenix we're talking about, and they have the best graphic artists working for them

dan-boy3782d ago

is that with all these rpg threads going on. and everyone loving rpgs, the only microsoft thread to make the top of the page is the thread that obviously bashes the console.

positive 360 news and n4g dont really go together....i'll be more than surprised if any one of the posistive 360 articles circulating today make the top of the page.

unless it can be bashed by the n4g dwellers, they disappear quicker than haze threads.

Leaderof Espada3782d ago

no one has pockets deep enough to persuade a company that has rode with sony since the start into making exclusives for a rival machine, man microsoft, pat yourselves on the back.

rhood0223782d ago

the funny thing is that Sony gets a share of that money, what with them owning at least 13% of SqEnix.

Superfragilistic3782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

Your argument is correct but your claim that Sony own "at least 13% of Square Enix" is not.

Sony currently hold, as of the end of last financial year, 8.6% of Square Enix stock, compared to Enix founder and honorary chairman Yasuhiro Fukushima 21.3%, and his private company's additional 8.8%, giving him over 30% of the company. Square founder Masafumi Miyamoto owns approximately 7.1%, whilst the remaining 54%+ majority is controlled largely by American and Japanese financial institutions.

Just thought I'd clear that up. Cheers mate. :)

EDIT: For the fool who disagreed here's Square's own publicly listed shareholder information as of last financial year:

Perhaps you should do your research before giving an uninformed phantom disagree! ;)

jackdoe3782d ago

So Sony owns more of Squeenix than the founder of Square does? Wow.

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