Wolfenstein: The New Order is the Game Duke Nukem Forever Should Have Been

Wolfenstein: The New Order is an unashamedly old-school shooter with a ridiculous story and plenty of nods to its 90s heritage. If that makes it sound like Duke Nukem Forever, don't worry. Wolfenstein feels like the throwback first-person shooter that DNF should have been.

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wallis1964d ago

I think wolfenstein and bj were such blank slates they could be built on in clever ways. Duke nukem spent so much time playing on a certain 90's charm any modern redo was doomed. As it was we got an ugly game filled with dated references. Lets just bury it and move on.

gigoran1964d ago

Duke Nukem forever was gone. It was gone. But people, probably the writer included, moaned and complained until they went to the trouble of finishing and releasing it. Then they moaned and complained some more. By the looks of it they are still moaning and complaining. Moral of the story? Don't listen to what they want. Cause all they are going to do is... Yep that right, moan and complain.

I grew up on duke and forever was in the same league as the originals. So I for one appreciated and enjoyed forever. It was what it was supposed to be.