Kingdom Hearts HD II.5 Remix Limited Edition quantity and size details

Kaori Takasue talks about the quantity, size and other Kingdom Hearts HD II.5 Remix Limited Edition details.

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starcatcher1967d ago

Why wont there be an art book?

jkuli61967d ago

The article seems to hint that their may be one.
Not wanting the packaging of the 1st collection towering over the second on your shelf, and saying nothing is set in stone, those could be good sings.

illmtc21967d ago

I would of liked an art book,compared to the limited edition Japan is getting a pin isn't much.At least it's free.

MegaRay1966d ago

They should make digital bonuses atleast. like wallpaper..etc

LAWSON721966d ago

The limited edition seems like the regular case with just a pin not really a big deal to miss out on it.

GenericNameHere1966d ago

Aren't these pins like a thing in Disneyland? I've never been to a single Disneyland/World yet, but from what I've heard, the employees are covered in pins, and people are meant to trade with them.

Anyways, I'm holding off until a new LE is announced. I want a Bluray soundtrack like Japan is getting. I just hope it's no SE Store exclusive again like FFX/X-2 HD and LRFFXIII were :/