The Top 5 most brutal pocket gaming deaths

While most of Pocket Gamer's angelic devoted pocket gamers would happily throw themselves in front of heavy speeding traffic to rescue thier pocket gaming gizmos from harm's way, there are those out there who have let dark and perverse thoughts poison their mind, turning them into the scourge of the PSP, the DS's bane and the iPhone's cruel tormentor.

To help you identify and avoid these morally bankrupt, soulless societal misfits more easily, Pocket Gamer has put together a list of five of the most deplorable villains ever to connect the words 'blender' and 'iPhone' in their depraved, evil-loving minds.

Beware, the following list is not for the faint of heart. There is malicious, sometimes graphic pocket gaming mutilation ahead. You have been warned.

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JamesL0073784d ago

Mircowaving of Gameboys was too much for me, That was different.

kryzer233784d ago

i think some kids get too much pocket money today

Play B3yond3784d ago

At first i thought this was people that died from handheld games...I remember someone got 3rd or 2nd degree burns from a psp he left in his pocket during school