Rare: MS sees DS as "very viable"

Developers working on Rare's Viva Piñata game for DS have commented that Microsoft, which owns the UK studio, respects the handheld from rivals Nintendo.

"They see DS as a very viable platform," engineer Joe Humfrey told Eurogamer during a visit to the studio to play the game.

Since acquiring Rare in 2002, Microsoft has allowed Rare to maintain a handheld development team working on GBA and DS titles, although it has not published any of them itself. Rare has even made one game directly for Nintendo in that time - last year's Diddy Kong Racing DS.

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PS360WII3781d ago

Well good to know MS sees the DS as it is :) a sweet arse handheld!

NO_PUDding3781d ago

It is a good piece of kit, not what I would choose, but it's good nonetheless.

This however confirms that Microsoft (and Sony for that matter) do not see Nintendo as a challenger. As they ahve repeatedly said. There's a difference in battle here. I think I will blog about it!!!

kewlkat0073781d ago

We know Nintendo is not all about Graphics at the expense to keep it affordable and development cost down. Imagine a NDS on Steroids with the touch-screen? Ok we can only dream.

I have a DS and a PSP and whole the PSP has great graphics, the simplicity and being able to use the touch screen of the DS make it more fun to use.

If MS has no intention of entering that market then why not support the DS,maybe in some fashion. Imagine if they supported the PSP too..hehe

Quickshot3781d ago

The DS has gotten a huge salebase and its owners are known for buying easily made shovelware.

Imallvol73781d ago

Of course they do. They also praised the Wii like crazy at first. Remember everyone going crazy over Wii60 alliance? LMFAO. Where did that go.

niall773781d ago

Introducing The new portable system, The Microsoft Xbox Twin Screen

kingme713781d ago

Imagine if Sony made the DS, MS wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole.

ape0073781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

rare is dead(no fanboyism at all)

they got a nextgen system like 360 and perfect dark zero can't compare to either perfect dark or goldeneye

I compeletly lost faith in rare,they gonna ruin banjo kazooei
that's it rare kick out all the new weak devolopers and return back all the exellent old devolopers that created all those awesome n64 games.

Im sure 100% if the same team behind perfect dark 64 and goldeneye007 devolped perfect dark zero,it will be the best and greatest fps game of all time and nothing can top it for years and years but you know,THAT'S LIFE

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